Can I join the club 😁?

…or have some pants :jeans:…or at least some cookies :cookie: ?


way to go!!!


:cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: Congratulations Boop


Will fax some cookies over ! Well done.

(If you have that many hours in the game you should know what a fax is !)

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im at 3135.9 in about a year and a half LOL congrats on 10k hours!


Of course I know what a fax is…my carrier pigeons are on strike since I suggested to buy one :smile:


I’ve been playing for 5 years, so you’re on tracks. Good job !


10,000 hours of fun I hope :rofl:

I broke 8k in a couple of very active years. In the two+ years following I still haven’t hit 9k :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m playing a little more again though so should see 10k well before my 5th anniversary.

Here’s to the grinders :tropical_drink:


Congratulations! I’ve tried trying to find where you see how many hours played, but cant figure it out. I love your build and always will. I hop on ever once in awhile to fill portals, I had to go take a look at your progress a couple weeks ago. Such an amazing place.

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I thought your achievement was hitting level 10k? Or was that someone else?


Thank you @Phyre-Fly, you’re such a nice person. As for the actual playtime, it’s a feature available on Steam for PC/Mac players. Don’t know how it works on other platforms.


It was someone else :grin:. I’m far far away of being a grinder. With 10k hours I’m barely reaching a grand total of 800lvl on 4 characters

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I honestly know of only one player that has surpassed 10k levels. That’s Catfud. He recently updated with a pic showing over 13k. I’m around 1500 on my main with a few hundred levels on alts.

I know at least one that has (I think) 10k hours in, and a bit more. That’s HOST and since the last time we discussed it he could be over 11k by now. But I’m not sure. Here’s me:

All discussion of patterns aside, that’s my hours since oct15 or so, 2018. But I did hit 8k over a year ago. I’ve had 2 long breaks from active boundless gameplay.

IMO this is a serious testament to the level of entertainment here for an interested person. I wouldn’t of course but would love to post this link as a response every time someone starts screaming about how “there’s nothing to do” after 50 - 60 hours.

As far as any of this sort of achievement or “club” I’m not the most extreme in almost any measurable way around here. But I pay attention and I like to encourage those who share my love (and enthusiasm) for the game.

For sure. :+1:


The steam library page shows you this. I’m not sure if there’s a permanent web page for PS players yet.

5 Likes will show you but it gives you a code to type in the about me section of your profile and you have to make it public temporarily to run a manual sync on the website but it gives the hours, last trophy, how many trophies you have of each type, how many hours you have played games on the PSN account. All you have to do is turn your profile back to private after the website updates the info for your account. Just remember to make your profile public before syncing your data and to turn it back to private after it syncs your data.


Here is an example of it from my account on exophase.

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You are welcome and thank you

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Thank you!

No problem. Just glad to help someone.