Can i merge my boundless account?


Say for example i have 3 boundless account (3 seperate steam versions of it) Can i merge them all into one game account with the highest tier being the one that they all merge with?


You can merge them into a higher tier account, if you wanted to, as well.


ok cool but if i have one explorer (standard) and one Wayfarere <<< but they are on seperate instances of steam, can i slice the two together into one single Wayfarer

I ask because its getting hard to keep track and etc lol if not no issue, just thought i would ask


Just out of interest, what would be the benefit of such a merge?
Do you want to have all characters on the same account or are you aiming at a higher backer level?
If it’s about the characters. That problem will be solved next week. :grin:


i get that… simply because i have so many steam accounts and now my MAIN (not Toothless) has become my alt lol

So a merge of all game versions into one steam would be ebtter to keep track of… it was just a can it be done anyway question really


It can definitely be done


So you want all your charaters on one account, do i get it right?
(I’m sorry if i don’t)

In the very near future (“shortly after monday the 13th”) the new universe is introduced and all characters deleted.
You can just create all your new characters on your wayfarer account and only play there from there one.
They all benefit from the wayfarer perks and you can unlock up to 10 characters per account.


keep forgetting about the deleteion lol thx

@Stretchious (or other moderator please close this thread)


@James sent me this information. Although it’s just for 2 accounts I’m pretty sure it will be the same principal for more.

Merging 2 Wayfarer into a single Pioneer works by:

The 2 Wayfarer pay the difference between 2x Wayfarer and 1x Pioneer. $250 - ($95 * 2) = $60.

One of the Wayfarers is promoted to Pioneer and the other Wayfarer has their purchase cancelled. You need to agree who will be the owner on the Pioneer.

The result is that we’ve gone from 2x Wayfarers to 1x Pioneer.

If you were to do this you need to make sure you’re comfortable doing this with another person. When we send out information to backers in the future we’ll only contact the Pioneer. It’ll be up to them to send things onto other player.


thanks but i mean Merge 2 explorers into my current wayfarer (3 steam accounts ito one steam account) so i guess not? for free anyway


Perhaps try @ any of the developers directly to see if they can give you a specific answer. They are pretty busy at the moment with 1.0 immanent and the last update but you never know you might get lucky.