Can not purchase Cubit or Gleam Membership


Whenever I click Purchase Now at the Shop menu, an “Checkout Failed” - Please try again later appears.
I tried to move to another computer, install the game and try it - still no luck. I dont think its server busy, might be it is something wrong with the region purchase.

Region : Vietnam
Currency : VND

Hope to hear from Dev soon.


Quick question have you purchased before gleam/cubits before? And if not… we’ll either way double check parental settings to see that purchases are enabled in the setting menu when in boundless. Otherwise hopefully @james @vdragon can help you



I have never bought anything directly on the Shop Menu. The parental settings are all ON
I buy the game through Steam, and bought Deluxe Edition through Steam too, it has 1 month of gleam membership and just thats all of it.


Are you still having issues with this?


Yes, I still can not purchase anything on the shop menu


Thanks for the report.

We’ve found that the prices we’re sending to Steam are invalid. There are some special requirements for some currencies including VND. We’ll get this fixed and updated. (Although it’s unlikely to be in the coming update.)


Could be better if you add a “subscription purchase” button on the Steam store page, many online games put their button on the page too.

Its really convenient for people who cant login the game to renew their subscription, and for minority player that using not so popular currencies.