Can someone explain factions

A friend of mine and myself are trying to figure out what factions actually do for you. IE who controls the factions the individual factions or those that control the top level guild? I know they share buffs with the parent guild but we are unsure of the overall inter-workings and complexities of factions. Are they in the same guild or are they each a guild of their own with their own leaders and controllers?

one use they have is for example making a faction to allign builds certain members cant use
our having a hunter faction so non hunters dont fill up the limit
i also own a wip faction where projects being worked on are linked to so i can give acces to non guildmembers helping out our a member easy acces to buildsites
for the rest im as clueless as you

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Ok so whoever is director in main guild still gets same level of control on the faction.

The player that creates the faction becomes the director by default.

Unless you are exec or higher in main guild your ability to edit perms on the faction won’t work.

If you allow guild controlled on the beacon then typically the main guild perms over ride the faction for execs and directors.

They are still very much the same guild, you can also operate separate buffs on them.

You can also transfer endeavour and coin between them