Can’t give plots to friend because of plot protection

I’d like to give my shop in beckon(aquatopia) to @Ratchel. However my neighbor has plot protection on and I have never seen the person nor have a way to contact them. So now I have one spot unplotted but protected by them. Luckily I used it as a test spot and there’s nothing that will regen but this cause a problem for me with give up my beacon.

Also what’s the point of turning on the protection when you are in a packed city :man_facepalming:t4:

@james what are my options. And I’m not sure when ratchel will be on to meet up to plot it.

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Hopefully be able to get this sorted out today. As both @Ratchel and myself go back to work in a day or two and won’t be able to get on for 4 days

Possibly the neighboring shop wants to expand… plot buffers is one way I suppose within the game mechanics to do this

It’s not even a shop. The person is never at the place. It’s basically just a shell of a place. Plus there no room to expand. It’s right next to the aqua hub

Also the buffer now makes it so I can’t give my place to a friend and now have one plot in my area I can’t do anything with. If I wouldn’t have switched the place to my alt a while back I would have had seniority. I’ve had that area for a long time now. Way before my neighbor since it is someone that caught a smoking beacon at the right time.

Yea would love to get this figured out. These plot protections are a pain. Like some idiot built a useless wall and now I can’t get in! :sweat_smile:


I reclaimed my original location (from where I started the game) in Beckon and you have a few unused plots there @FireAngelDth, can I grab them off you at some point?

I’m not sure which ones you’re referring to. As far as I know I only have my shop which I’m give to @Ratchel and then the road which I’ll just leave on my character till my GC is up next year.

U online right now?

Yea for right now. I’m trying to get @bigad9 one of my plots in the gmall but waiting for a response

Hm don’t see u there @FireAngelDth