Can’t launch boundless from steam anymore

My son can’t launch boundless from steam anymore.

He presses play and the option (play boundless or world builder) comes up so he presses play then a white screen pops up for 2 seconds and the game gets stopped.

Can someone help please?

I can’t check mine right now, but Tuesday is when steam does updates so sometimes you have to restart the client. I thought their updates are later in the day but not sure. Also, you might want to right click and verify the Boundless files.

How do I restart the client?

I have verified files that don’t work.
This has been like this for about 2 weeks now.

Steam > Exit

Then start steam from the start menu.

Sorry I’m not very good with computers :grimacing:

I tried this and still doesn’t work .

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did you try to verify integrity?

Yes I did more than once

I have uninstalled and reinstalled
I have followed all off steam installation
Just can get it to launch

OK, has the computer updated recently?

It’s possible that it potentially changed the graphics drivers and this is causing the white screen.

I believe the game drive update a lot but it’s never done this.
It plays all his other game but not boundless
I think it automatically Optimises the game settings

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It’s updated now

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Oh, OK, is it working?

This following part sounds like it is done from either an NVIDIA or AMD interface, but I can’t be sure.

Does the game mention that it has crashed. Also … can you send a screenshot (PrntScrn) of the white screen?


You might need to think about the following, if you know about the graphics card on this system and the drivers for it.

It’s something that is worth having in your skillset for troubleshooting issues, either way. But I wouldn’t necessarily say that you must do it here. Just … it’s a possibility.

  1. Download the latest drivers from the maker of your GPU.
    That will be a specific manufacturer if it is discrete, or if it’s built in to the system, then AMD/INTEL.
  2. Download and install DDU.
  3. Restart Windows in Safe Mode and unplug it from the internet (and turn off Wi-Fi).
  4. Run DDU and uninstall the graphics drivers.
  5. Restart Windows into normal mode (you’ll need to reverse what the change made in #3).
  6. Install the latest drivers that you downloaded in #1.

This is his rig

This is the white screen and no error message

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could you provide the log.txt?
you can find it, when you open an explorer. type in %LOCALAPPDATA% in the pathfield, search for the turbulenze folder there and in the boundless folder is a log.txt. You may want to remove personal information from it via replace all like your username and stuff

Comes up with this site is blocked

he means your file explorer, so if you just go to ‘My Computer’, mate.

I had to go in to C drive then users file it was blocked the way you said.
I have it now

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Thanks, for this, too. (nice rig!)

I would guess that it’s not firing something up quite right.

You said that it ‘optimizes’ games … I can’t remember the NVIDIA interface (because I didn’t like it and ran away to AMD) but if there’s a way to remove optimisations from the panel, that might help you.

Yes rig is nice my 9 year old loves it :+1:
I will try to remove the Optimise part

What do I do with the game log ?