Can’t redeem a key for my 3km world (Resolved)

Yesterday I rented a sovereign world got the code try to redeem it but it wouldn’t let me hit redeem key soo i waited a hour try to redeem it and now it says that is already been redeem by another user soo I waited 24 hours to see if it is part of the world making process but still havent been able to solve it, is it that someone else stole my key? Or just part of the process?


a redeem key for a planet will be sent to your email, you do not need to enter this code in the game shop–>>redeem

check your email that’s connected to your paypal


Hello DemonKiller!

The key is just a confirmation. Once the world is generated, it will come up on your requested character as a world available. Its a big notice, you cannnot miss it. You don’t need to “redeem” a world key in game at all. The lifetime of the world starts when its generated from the dev perspective, so your time starts as soon as the world is online. Not when you hit the “generate” world google form.

Hope Host and I’s responses help.


Ight, I thought that I had to redeem the key in game.


nope, this only counts for fuel, @james it has been mentioned before, maybe remove the

Please redeem the following keys directly in-game via the SHOP > REDEEM tab:

from the sovereign world purchase confirmation email?

@DemonKiller09PR good luck with your planet creation!

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The wording in the emails received after making a purchase needs to be changed.

We need an account page on the website or app to view purchases, active rentals, upcoming expiration dates, account name, etc.


Also how would I know when the world generates do I received a email or something?

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When you’re in-game, there will be a large notification pop-up, announcing the name of your new world. If you think you might have missed it, you can look in your places/world menu. It should be listed there. You’ll also see it in the sky, in the sanctum.

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Ight thanks for the help ill wait until the world generates

If it doesn’t show up within 48 hours or so of you submitting the configuration form, there might have been a problem & it would require dev assistance.

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