Can we get a T4 Permanent AU Lush world?

yes please!! lets make it happen!


This right here is exactly it.

With a T4 AU world us Aussies could have an intermediate place to hunt on that isn’t Delta Cancret, given Circarpous is basically unplayable and Till is a nightmare to hunt on.


Who would say no to more planets. Especially with a nice shadow colored gleam. :eyes::eyes:


TFW you petition for a tier 4 world but the devs give you a T4 lush exoworld instead

Guess beggars can’t be choosers, eh?

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Bumping this because its been nearly a year since we’ve gotten a new permanent world and we are still missing an AU link between Boori and Flan


Yep let’s bumb it up :stuck_out_tongue: Since I’m now the main hunt leader for the main Aus & NZ discord of boundless I’d like a T4 for us to hunt on. :pleading_face:


A US T4 would be nice too

What’s wrong with Delta Cancret?


Delta, Till???

Just give the Aussies a T4, then right after double ALL planets (including T1->T3 and T5+)!! Sprinkle the types of T5+ over different regions than the ones we now have, this will satisfy some of the people who are having issues with EU planets…

Please let me :rofl: that I closed my portal network! You know you want to! :smiley:

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Delta is US?

Delta and Till are both US region worlds.



So if anything EU should get another one :wink:

Who here is for splitting up the EU in two regions???

raises hand


Yes, yes, I just want more perm planets, lol

It’s a little odd that I was just thinking about this last week and I don’t even live in Australia. I do however usually have better luck with Australian servers than European servers. I also think that T4 planets are starting to get a little over developed building wise for hunting. At least Circ is. So another T4 hunting planet would be nice. And since Australia doesn’t have one it seems fair that they get one. T4 solo hunting is great if you want more of a challenge.


Did someone say more permanent planets :eyes:


Could we get one new T1 perm planet for each region purdy plzzz? @james :crossed_fingers::pray::pray::pray::slightly_smiling_face:


Would adding more perm planets cause more strain on current servers? ( No nothing about this stuff so just wondering) cause extra lag and things?

I think adding a single new planet wouldn’t impact the servers in any noticeable way, if they added a dozen or so maybe, but a single one should be fine.

The australian servers have been some of the most stable ones out of all the servers i believe. I wouldn’t imagine it causing any harm. It also would be (pretty much) impossibly to impact the other regions by adding a new planet to the australian ones :slight_smile:

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