Can we get a T4 Permanent AU Lush world?


With the farming update being well and truly here and exotic earthyam bulbs currently only being available from this specific type of world, now would be a perfect time to introduce a new tier 4 AU world.

As it stands its impossible to go from T3 Boori to T5 Flan without going through several other regions - I believe such a planet would help solve this issue, and make Exotic Earthyam Bulbs more accessible.

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Yes please devs, we small but committed group of aussies really need this, definitely would help us all out.


Very much in support of this. If positioned well, it could seriously reduce the pain of travelling to galan and mcrib for us australians.
Having to travel through european/US servers is a huge pain as every portal i go through that’s not going to an australian server, takes me anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds to not get the “unstable connection” warning anymore.


This 1000%

All we want is an even playing field, and a tier 4 Australian planet would go a long way to providing that to your Australian player base!


Totally love this idea. If only i could :heart: 1000x, i would


The new T4 would also be used regularly for local group hunts, since T4 gives a really nice balance of loot to attract beginners and experts alike.
We currently have the option of hunting on Boori or Flan, which is a decent jump (T3 > T5) for someone just starting out, and although we don’t necessarily need to hunt on AUS servers, since we have third rate internet, it’s a significant improvement in User Experience when we do.


Same. My toon would warp back and forward cos of sudden spike of latency. I have to stop moving every time i go through a portal

100% agree with this


Us Australians and New Zealanders need some love, this is one suggestion i think would suffice us all. :heart:


I’m an EU player, and I definitely support this notion. I only just noticed it while looking around boundlesscrafting for something.


That would change from the exo-worlds. ^^


please this very much is needed sometimes you can can;t even get through the euro portals the lag bounces you all over so badly


Funny, since I can’t get to Kol Huroo for instance without going thru some AUS servers and I get that same unstable connection when I go to one. It usually (note usually) resolves itself after a few seconds but the ping is really close to the unstable area…

I’m all for a T4 Lush in the AUS regions but to do it to make travelling easier is a silly idea because then I want several more planets being added so I can avoid the AUS ones to get to any of the others! :wink:


Same here, but other way around…


I completely agree, but mostly the reason I worded it as “T4 AU World” instead of “Worlds to connect every region” are for 2 reasons:

1.) While T6 may have difficulties, AFAIK the other 3 regions can atleast reach their respective T5 without having to go through other worlds.

2.) There much more likely to add one world as opposed to multiple, especially if that world also helps solve Exotic earthyam bulb shortages


Supporting this cause why not.


T4 aus
Every aussie person


With a good network design you can skip all European planets, the reverse is not possible.


Dooooooo iiiiiiiiit please <3


As I mentioned beforehand, I agree in that its bad you can’t bypass Australian Worlds to reach other worlds on T6, however:

Its possible to reach flan using US region worlds, but it would be so much better to just be able to reach them using an AU world.


I agree and I :heart:ed your post.