Can we talk about ARK?

In anticipation to this game, my husband and I have run across a game called ARK: Survival Evolved. I’m sure some of you are already neck deep in dino poo and are loving every second of it. I’m bringing it up here for a specific reason. The Dev’s have asked us to talk about other games before, so that we can provide specific examples about what is right and wrong. I think ARK is a great chance to see how things could be even better in Oort! There is crafting, character progression, building, and awesome creature interaction. I want to focus on the interaction with the creatures of ARK, because this is what really stood out to me.

In Survival Evolved, all the creatures serve some purpose. So far, I only know of a handful of the many beasts being unable to be tamed. I believe they are a fish, snake, and a some other small creature. Those serve for food, if nothing else. Everything else can be at least tamed.

It’s important to think about the taming process first. Each dino has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, but they all can be very useful. The taming process involves feeding the creature after knocking it unconscious. This is no easy task on the larger dinos, and there are different ways to put them to sleep aside from the basic means of punching them out. Once asleep, players can use different foods, like berries and meats, to win the beast over. One special berry is used to keep them sedated while taming is going on.

Once a creature is tamed, players have a companion that they can give basic orders of follow, stay, neutral, passive, aggressive, or fight my target. This lets you set your pet to keep up or stay in an area, while also being sure they will fight when you want them to.

They level up as well, giving you a chance to increase basic stats like speed, health, and even carrying capacity. This is important because all beasts can carry items for you. They all can act as a pack animal of some sort. Mind you, some are obviously better suited for this than others. Some pets make great combatants, having interesting attacks in their arsenal.

Finally, there is mounting. Many of the dinos on ARK act as mounts. Once you have the proper recipe learned, you can craft a saddle that is specific to a dino. You equip your pet with this saddle, and it is now able to be mounted. Some are of course faster than others, but this means they can take a hit more or are best at carrying larger loads. With the level up system, a player can focus on speed for a slower dinosaur to make up for what they lack.

I bring all this up because I think it’s a wonderful example of what I would love to see in Oort. I don’t feel the need to be the Pokemon master in this game. My pets are companions, and I do what I can to keep them surviving with me. Each creature I tame is important to me. They serve as battle partners, transportation, and even walking luggage. It gives them a certain level of extra attachment, making each encounter matter.

Thanks for hanging out and reading through my long post. I hope this is helpful. Feel free to add onto this!


Well in ARK you knock them out and forcefeed them until they love you… kinda inhumane.

also the taming process takes up to multiple hours, i have heard of one who had to use 5 hours just feeding it, way too long. i like the idea, but i dont think that pets should be able to suffer permadeath in oort and i dont think you should be able to have an unlimited amount either, both are things in ARK.

Some things can be talked about, but lets be careful not to assume the things that are good in that game will be good in oort, i like ark for ark and oort for oort, i dont think they should try to compete.


Yea forcefeeding isn’t quite what I’d want to see in Oort.

We already talked once about how we’d like to see taming and pets in Oort (I’m too lazy to search for the thread^^)
I can only compare what I heard about Ark because I’ve never played it myself but I think our version fits much better into Oort. And some of the things were kind of the same as in Ark weren’t they?

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You are absolutely right, Zouls. I was really after how the interactions go with player and beast. I don’t think the taming process for ARK would be great here, because it is harsh and takes some time. I do like that there is a taming bit though. I mostly am a fan of the idea that we feed them specific things to their liking. I don’t really want to have to knock something out in Oort. I would rather catch it or lure it with proper bait/food, and gain it’s trust through feeding it further. Nothing too complex there.

The biggest part for me is the idea that you tame something and it can serve multiple purposes. The creature stays with you, out in the open world, and is helpful. Permanent loss means you have to go and tame something else. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about this yet in ARK, so I don’t know what I would think of something similar in Oort. One question for me is what happens to our companions if they never die? Why would we tame more or change who we take along with us on adventures? If we do want to change our pet, what do we do with the previous one? These are where I wonder if permanent death is a good thing.

I love talking about the good and bad parts!


But ultimately they will compete for a few things, at least. The most similar aspects between oort and ark are (so far as I have seen in my own playthrough) survival, crafting, and mmo aspects. These are things oort will have to differentiate itself from ark to compete.

Oort’s own survival systems have not yet been fully introduced, but how complex will they be? Will they include statuses like body temp, hydration and hunger, stamina, broken bones, etc as seen in survival games such as ark or rust or h1z1? Do we even really want that kind of game play for oort?

Beast taming in oort has only been speculation so far, but what sort of systems would be appropriate? Simplified mc mechanics or level based skills like wow, or complex like ark?

In all honesty, my current playthrough of ark feels like playing rust with some much needed advancements. Great game so far.

I assume we talk about pets in the sense of partners only? (without livestock)
So one incentive to catch more than one pet could be that you want to breed a better pet so you need more of the same family with the attributes you want in your pet. Maybe you just want a few of them to choose from, even without breeding.

Now I’m split about perma death too. It would benefit the economy because you’d have to buy a new pet if yours dies. But at the same time you wouldn’t want to take your pet out into a battle, because it might die.

And about the storage. I wouldn’t want to see my pets in a chest to be honest^^ I’d want a pen, or something similar, for my pets. So there wouldn’t be a need to summon your pet either.

I think breeding pets traits would make an excellent system as well as a great addition to pvp and role-playing. Permadeath for pets would not be such a bad thing if you keep multiple offspring or the parents away from the combat, and adds a greater degree of risk to employing beasts in combat or exploration. That was one of the side effects I liked about mc’s horse breeding system.


yea like I said I’m not sure if it’s better to have the danger of killing your pet on an exploration or if it would just be at home and only taken to safe zones to show off^^

But if the benefits of having a pet with you are big enough to risk a death of said pet, then it could be a pretty good system.
Once more it’s a question of balance^^

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i mean if they go with a system that allows you to pick speed, strength etc, you need to level it in certaint things to get your more suitable mount, archer maybe wants speed to get from A-B Fast while keeping distance, whereas a warrior who will be more upfront will want a health build

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I’m not sure about the leveling though. It’s one thing if you have to rebreed a rare pet because it died. But if it had a high lvl it’s even more annoying.

The only levels for me should be like baby, adult etc.

I actually like the idea of that. Let’s say pets can permanently die unless you do something to prevent it. Maybe Oort Shards could be used to save your companion, but at a high cost. Something high enough that makes you really have to be sure you want to use it to save the pet.

I think that depends on what kind of system there is. In ARK, the dinos level up and are actually very useful in combat and other means. If they level up, maybe breeding them could pass “levels” onto the offspring. As in, there would be a reason to breed high level, lower quality pets to get a higher quality pet with a decent amount of levels.

I will say that having pets be able to die makes you really think about things. I made the mistake of thinking my lower level dilo could take on this turtle thing no problem. I engaged and wondered off to pick berries. I neglected my companion, and she died. I should’ve been there for her, and I wasn’t. I really felt awful when I realized what I had done.

I don’t want people crying over things in Oort, but I prefer my games to have meaningful consequences to choices I make, good or bad.

■■■■ i accidentally removed my post when i wrote that additional bit, but i was saying that id prefer pets, mounts being able to die, but you can get a chance to revive them lets say 3 in game days, after that the pet is gone forever, so instead of sending your pet to do all the work then die so you can just revive it you would use the pet more tatically

Also i think you should vbe able to add storage to your mounts, through saddle bags, etc and armour.


I’m still unsure about the lvl part, it could be very tedious if you want to lvl multiple pets.

But I’m all for a meaningful consequence.

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Here is one thing

But for permadeath, the thing is that it works in ark, because if you die in ark you yourself have to make all of your stuff again.

I talked this before but i feel that if you allow permadeath for pets you dont really care about them as much… that might just be me, ofc i try to avoid getting the pet killed, but knowing that it can die at any time kinda makes it feel like caring about it is a waste.

I would like to see having a few pets but only being able to use one at a time, if they die then you can revive them at a petshrine for a decent amount of payment, in one way or the other, that way you try to avoid getting them killed but its not devastating if they do die.

I am all for starting with a weak pet and then leveling it up as you go along, ‘‘level’’ in oort is a bit of a muddy term, but i suspect we are gonna get stronger, which means that the pets need to get stronger too, i would much rather tame a pet and then have it with me as a companion, caring for it, feeding it and then seeing it grow stronger as time goes along. that means you use time with it and feel more closely tied together with it, if you allow permadeath then that is not really gonna be a thing, as kuma said, its going to be a pain to level it all the way up again.

This is how i would like to see the pet system, this is my opinion on it, make pets be companions, but make it in a way that it encourages spending time together with the pet.

the dinos are easy to tame and just takes time, the reason permadeath is not too bad is because of that and the fact that you can have an infinite amount of dinos at any time as long as you can keep them fed.

ARK is a survival game, but oort is not really a survival game, but more a sandbox and an rpg, which is why i dont think you should have to use all of your energy worrying about your pet, but rather spend time with it, taking it out with you, instead of just having it stay at the base at the fear of having it die, or having a complex breeding system between pets.

To end it, i would like to see taming be a playstyle/skill line, however you want to call it, so you have people who becomes dedicated tamers who can spend time on taming animals for themselves, and when they have high enough taming they can train the animals into mounts and loyal pets which they can trade to others, which is where i imagine all the mounts will come from instead of having an npc mount vendor as most games use (if there are mounts that is)

but in my mind it would be bad for the econemy if this were to happen, casue all you need is one pet, so there is next to no point in breeders.

that highly depends on how hard you make taming a pet. if you allow it as ark to be done in 2 minutes with a few berries, then no.

i see breeders as people who take animals for resources, such as meat, wool etc. not just getting a ton of pets together like pokemon. but thats difference in view i imagine.

Also i would rather see animals tamed than bred, dont think you should be able to take 10 animals to get 50, but rather you have to find an egg or a cub and level it up from the ground to adulthood.

what about taming then cross breeding 2 variants to get a new variant? aka a red horned gutah with a blue horned gutah to get one with a completely new pattern and lets say the red one had more health but blue had more speed, the new one would carry on some of the parents traits.

and what is there is not such a complicated system in the game? it depends. if they do choose to use a ton of time on a pokemon breeding system then we will have to discuss it then, but i honestly doubt it. try to think about how long it would take to make a system like this :confused:

the game is not pokemon, for me not every person should be forced to have a pet, they can get one, but its not like having a pet is the main feature of the game as it is in for example torchlight 2, but that is my view on it.