Can we turn heavy weight projectile into a quirk?

Title pretty much says it all. Not often is it actually really desired - the fact that it provides a benefit (more damage) with a tradeoff (less range) is by definition a quirk.

Restrict the quirk to slingbows only (obviously), and perhaps increase the chance of that quirk being picked over others when forging slingbows to compensate.


This makes 100% sense. Positive effect with a negative effect = quirk. Feel kinda silly i never thought about this

To me the heavy projectile is by far a defect, but with added damage it makes more sense as a quirk.

Its already do more dmg, just less range. Light projectile do less dmg but more range.

I 1000% agree! I made 15 sling bows using effect gum. forging 3 at a time every single one has weighted on it. might as well throw them out. can’t hit a cuttle trunk so there of no use.

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Grapple the cuttle and you won’t have an issue hitting it

oh yeh, that is also true. Prehaps light projectiles could also be turned into a quirk?

Is this true? The description and the forge effects do not list -damage.

I would need to test it again for dmg difference but its does not state any range change either while it does change the range.

I don’t think it changes the range either :smiley: It does make the projectile fly further because it doesn’t fall down so quickly. Range is the “lifetime” of the projectile, the distance in meters the projectile can travel. Even if you have super light and fast projectiles they will despawn before hitting the ground since they hit the range limit. You can see this in action if you’re shooting down from high up, heavy projectiles and light projectiles should travel the same distance. I haven’t actually tested it though so someone correct me if it does behave differently.

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Don’t suppose @james or another Dev might care to comment on their thoughts about this idea?