Can you cultivate colored grass seeds..?

Is it possible to grow and harvest, perhaps, blue grass seeds etc…? I haven’t tried farming yet…


Farming applies to grains, bulbs, kranuts, goo, oats, and starberry seeds.

You can collect grass from exos, persistent worlds, shops, but you can not farm them like crop plants.

Find the grass you want, gather it, regen bomb it, gather it again. Repeat until you have enough or are bored to tears.

You could reserve to plot above or below and just let natural regen work too.

I’ve always been wondering that, and kind-of wish it was possible to use Fertiliser on grass to cause it to start regrowing. It would be nice if it caused a 3x3 AoE with the spray of the fertiliser, making the 3x3 area begin to ‘grow’ from the soil as if it was an actual crop. Sadly, it might have an issue with the Mesh, due to being a crop.


Yeah I’ve regen bombed for grass seeds, was kinda hoping you could just farm them but it’s all the same I guess.

I find the best way to gather grass is either with a 1x3 horizontal AoE tool or a 3x3 shovel and take out the 3 layers of soil underneath it which then gets you the grass as well as the soil


You can actually get seeds back when using them for grass. However it is a diminishing return. Plant the grass to its highest length then if you hit the block (without breaking it) you will get some seeds back.

It is actually easier to just do the regen thing.


It’s pretty silly that I can’t plant a lawn.

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Decorative grass that looks like a lawn would be great!

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It would!
I just want to landscape my plots, though.

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