Cancel my ungenerated planet submissions? i'm lost

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I’ve got planets in the hopper (I think, but something recently started breaking boundlexx for me and I feel like I don’t even trust my own browser of several years anymore to submit properly, or even recieve but how would I tell?.. we had a lot of good years together then one day I woke up with a stranger in my laptop)

Could you please cancel whatever ungenerated planets I’ve submitted for creation?

I’m only a couplle of months of being off medication for moderately severe adhd and I sent one in after trying to troubleshoot another one that never showed up and that’s as much as my active brain stack holds before kablooey. It feels like dementia but in theory I’ll learn new tricks for returning to this the same perpetually stalling brain place I left for drugs 20+ years ago to become employable bla bla etc I’m confused pls help I know you are busy and I keep writing coz usually I think of something funny to write to put everybody at ease


could help


Your Sovereign world is now deployed.

Please PM me if there are any issues with it.


all good; if there’s just longer wait times to know can happen I’m ok with that. Did I submit two or only think I did? If it’s a pain to find out then don’t worry about it.