Cannot delete beacon that is removed from world

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Idk if I am missing something, but I cannot find the button to remove this beacon from my list.


I’ve logged it as a bug, for some reason the removal button was changed so that you can never remove a beacon you own, even if it has expired… which is clearly just broken.


I’ve got the same with a Beacon and a Campfire on my starter world. I physically removed both but they still show up under beacons.

Yes, a fix for this would be great. Pretty sure it broke during last patch. Now I get notifications every time I login for beacons/campfires that have expired but can’t be removed from my list.

ehh partially, it was previously broken so that you couldnt remove your friends beacons that you had chosen to track (because someone else broken it even earlier than that), and then the dev who fixed that, broke it instead so that you could never remove your own beacons, even if they had expired.


:joy: :joy: :joy: well it may not be forward progress, but at least it’s progress

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Ah, ok thanks a bunch. I thought I was just blind and couldn’t find the proper menu to do it :joy:

Good to know that it’s a bug. Started playing 5 days ago and made a starter base at my landing site. Meanwhile I’ve removed everything at the starter base area and moved to another spot, but the original beacon locations can not be removed even if the campfire and breach is no longer there.