Cannot log in

Ever since I came back to the game I haven’t been able to log in to boundless. I have changed my password to be sure and logged in on the forums but it still says my password is wrong in game. Is there any to fix this?

When were you playing before? after the official release? or back in early access?
When you first play and create an account we bind that account to your steam or ps4 login and we will always log you in automatically via your steam or ps4 details, there shouldn’t ever be a need to enter your password in game after the first time.
Have you made any changes to your steam or ps4 account in some way?


I haven’t played since early access, I have not changed anything on my steam account.

I’ve looked at the databases and everything looks correct with your account, so the game should be automatically logging you in when you run it (using your steam login). So it seems like somethings not working correctly there, can you send us a game log after running it, you should be able to get to the point where it’s asking you to log in and just close it, then find the game log in
you can send that via pm or email it to and I’ll take a look and see if I can see why it’s failing to log you in.


Hi there I just bought this game on steam and after opening it for the first time without registering I get the message:

Connecting Error - Unable to log into your account, please try again later.

Error 3.

How do I sort this out?

Hi i just got problems whit my main ps4 account so i whas trying to log in on a another ps4 account but it says : “The username and password entered does not Match Our records.”
And i changed my password a few time but the same thing happened.