Cannot make a guild my primary guild

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My character joined her only guild 3 weeks ago but it still lacks the guild helix. As seen in the attached image, when I click the button ‘Make this your Primary Guild’, the button turns red but then it switches back to white without letting me make it the primary guild. Please tell me how to fix that.

The temporary fix for this is join another Guild and then leave the guild that you just joined it will set your Guild you could not make primary the primary guild

Thanks, I will try that

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“and then leave the guild” question: the guild that I newly joined?

correct leave the newly joined guild

If you leave all the other guilds you are in then the last one you are in should become your primary, if you leave all the guilds you are in then first one you join should become your primary.

I joined another guild and then left that new guild. I still cannot make my single original guild my primary guild

I only belong to one guild. Nevertheless, I cannot make that single guild that I belong to my primary guild. See above, I followed the advice to join a second guild and then leave that guild. I still cannot make my single original guild my primary guild.

Can you let us know which character you’re having the issue with since I see you have a few?

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I have the same problem with all my characters (main and 1 alt). Besides, my brother has another odd issue, he can’t leave our old guild…

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