Cannot place water in a new beacon [working as intended]

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Trying to place water down to test out crop farming but i’m hitting the issue of cannot place water in new beacon, anyone with ideas on how to fix this?

The beacon has to be one hour old before you can place fluids it is an anti-griefing measure

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I believe you have to wait an hour

thanks for the info will get everything ready in place for it when it’s time :slight_smile:

After the hour you can place as much as you want including in any new plots so long as they are attached to the main beacon.

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Edited title and category as this is not a bug and is working as intended.

So … How in one hour it can prevent griefing ?

Griefers are notoriously impatient, looking for an easy laugh. A 1 hour delay to placing water discourages them from placing water in a plot, then removing that plot to flood wilderness plots. It takes away the potential for instant gratification.

No, it does not prevent 100% of grief cases. But in my long personal experience in hosting and moderating a similar mechanic in a similar game, this technique is a highly effective deterrent, and well worth the minor headache it may cause as collateral to the typical user.


with setting up to do the testing, for a new beacon planned for farming, to get properly set up with everything ready for water that one hour is likely to tick by quick enough anyway. By time i had ground done for the 6 water crops beacon was at the 1hr timer :slight_smile:

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This has got to be one of the dumbest things i’ve seen. Lets be real griefers don’t care how long it takes them to grief you.

I just find it silly that they continue to release content that is blocked behind something. Take a new player or returning player who lost his settlement. Wants to mess with liquids, gets a tool to gather water finds a place to setup his home and then Sorry you cant use a new Game mechanic for an hour cause you may use it to grief players. The real Anti grief mechanic is to have a better TOS on griefing and do something when someone actually griefs a player… Not block content for specific timeframes to the entire player base.