Cannot refuel beacons since update

Every time I try to refuel my beacon, I get disconnected and have to restart the game (as it keeps telling me I am still logged in in world, but won’t reconnect no matter how many times I try.) When I finally get back in, my beacon is not refueled.

I’m going to try a reinstall of the game, see if that works.

don’t do that, that never solves anything :stuck_out_tongue: . it’s just bugs in the game. has nothing to do with your client :wink:

best thing to do is mention it in the bug report thread for the current release with as much detail as possible so they can figure out what the problem is.
mainly coordinates, but they really like screenshots too. video helps a ton too! :smiley:

Well it took less than ten minutes, but it didn’t solve anything. Problem persists. I’m about to run out of fuel for my beacon. Do you know if a campfire will keep it claimed or…?

it will, but the campfires expire after 24 hours and you can’t change that.
a way to get around that would be when you come back in less than 24 hours, break the campfire and make another one. (you can’t refuel campfires, this is how you would have to refresh a campfire)

oh also that thread for bug reporting I mentioned is here:

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Here’s your screenshots lol.

well generally screenshots are best for a problem in game or something that looks or is acting weird :stuck_out_tongue: but its all good
the important thing here is the coordinates. so they can teleport to the location on whatever world and they can assess the problem with their fancy dev tools :stuck_out_tongue: (assuming they exist :stuck_out_tongue: )

like coordinates :wink:

Give your location numbers and planet in game of your build. Then find someone or get someone here in forum to friend you and they can temporarily refill the beacon for you. That way it is safe until the bug is fixed. Just remove the permissions to keep your beacon safe afterward… this is a temp fix… I am sure someone will be glad to fill it for you temporarily.

Well allright, I’m snip

Edit: Okay phew. I spotted a player on my radar and got them to help. I’ve got 3 weeks to sort out this madness now.

Were you trying to fuel from a smart stack? That was crashing and it should be fixed in the next update.


Actually yes, I was. I’ll give it another try tomorrow morning when I’m home from work.

Well well well well well well well. Whaddaya know? Throwing a normal stack of 100 in there doesn’t crash the game. I guess apparently tossing 800+ fuel into a small container and lighting a match ain’t the brightest screwdriver in the bush.