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Dat Copper:

It’s red now. :joy:


Some strange light artifacts from sunrays.

i like the new copper color
also the entire toned down colors - is it a bug or intended change?
cause I like it too - when building with different exotic materials the final effect is often to shouting/bright/contrasting and now some parts look way better (at least for me)


The Lighting/Colours + Missing Tesselation/ Bumpmapping, looks depressing and unnatural


yeah some of the colors are nicer but most of them are now too bland i think. Before it was more vivid no its in grey scale kind of :confused:


Found bug/glitch:

When trying to craft Gleam Plain doors with bulk craft after adding it to que it dissapears from the que, but materials are back in my inventory. It did work after several tries finally. Dunno if that was a server lag or what.

hahah everybody will think they found rubys haha



(Just Minutes ago, raz went to Munteen and was shocked to find “Rubys” on the Overworld)


Just Bought/sold to shop stands as the quest and noticed that if you bulk buy 5 items you DO NOT get charged!

But if you bulk sell 5 items 1… it only counts as one and 2 YOU dont get the coin for it!

It appears that if you stack multy in a single slot, even thought its removed from inventory… it only counts as one… however if you line them up and then sell that way (slot 1 slot 2 slot 3 etc) then it does count

signs on the floor act as a roadblock. I cannot walk into my base! lol
(jumping works)

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With my L50+ main, I’ve got only 300 cubits through existing rewards. Which means I’m 300 cubits short of a skill set and no quick way to acquire them to test with. At 200k XP/lvl it’s going to take me too long to level to be able to test skill sets. Can (some of?) the Buy part of the Exchange be turned on without without payment required until 1.0? If we’re going to test well it’d be useful to be able to get to stuff without levelling which can be slow.

Related: at 200k XP a level it’s going to take me about eight years to get enough cubits & skill points to unlock 3 on one character. I should’ve worked out the progression curve of the old Live system and compared it to this, as it feels like it’d still be quicker to level three one skill set alts (which doesn’t help you sell cubits).


:thinking: Sings as traffic lights in wsell used areas? (might also be something once vehicles become a thing - i heard they will be?) Joking aside that must be annoying

are you saying to learn every single skill to max with one character is going to take eight years??? LOL… what happened to the thing @james said? we are thinking of even removeing the other slots so you can do evcerything on one character lol

It seems to be when going through a portal and the sign is up against the portal on the floor I can make that happen in your build and the PS hub

I can no longer move items around inside a smartstack.

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Same here.
I can swap items but not drag them to empty spots.

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I was exaggerating slightly. :slight_smile: But it will be a lot of levels, or so it seems, before you can get one extra full set going to switch to. It feels like the XP curve should begin at L1 again after L50 to acquire the 2nd to nth skill sets, otherwise it seems they will be a long slog even after you unlock them through purchase.

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but thats how it started in te first place (L1 to L50 >>> L1 > L50… etc) if thats changed at all then that sucks