Cannot remove plots

Hi, Have one visible plot with a beacon. Beacon indicates that there are a total of 6 plots.
I’m assuming I must have plotted far underground by mistake?
I have tried standing higher ground and digging down but I either get the message to destroy the master beacon, or that the plot cannot be removed as it will leave a separate plot.
What is the best way for me to overcome this?
Do I need to dig in every possible direction? I assume all 6 plots are connected in one way or another.

There are probably plots that branch off to the side underground.

Best way - send co-ords and we will get a surveyor out to you asap! (In 2.5h)

Edit- also try removing all alts permissions from the beacon, and digging out the corners of your plots (with an alt) where you get that irritating “booing” noise that shows you cant dig…


Thanks mystery solved went down two and across one and down again into a cave!
Thanks for the help though