Can't buy item as inventory is apparently full

It happened to me yesterday. I just waited 2 or 3 minutes and it got fixed itself.

I’ve noticed if I break down the stack and bring it over 100 by 100 it works

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Ya, as a shop owner, i try to break up my incomplete stacks due to this bug. Full stacks will buy just fine, but if a stack is incomplete (Say 603), then you would have to open it up and drag over each inner 100 stack, then the leftover 3. It is a pain, but a well known bug

Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon. Buying large quantities of anything is a pain

Odd, we had fixed this one, but it looks like it’s occurring again. Was it happening with all Shop Stands or just this one? Also what is the quantity of the items that you’re buying?

The next stand along worked perfectly fine. In this particular shop I tested, at least 4/10 had this issue. Quantity was ranging anywhere from >100 to a whole smart stack. Was able to buy stuff if I separated the stacks into 100s in the buy section

this happens to me awhile back
I was holding a badly damaged shovel (or axe … can’t remember) I finally dropped the axe-vel on the ground and was emediatly able to buy my new tools.