Can't Chisel Bricks?

What the title says. I just noticed I can’t chisel bricks… Why? Their texture is so good and it will be so awesome to create various patterns with bricks. Like I have a chiseled wall in my igneous tower but it was a preliminary design with rocks. I wanted to eventually make it all using the igneous brick but I can’t now. Is this feature coming eventually?

You may need to use a different chisel. I find that an iron chisel covers most of what I need for building purposes.

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I used a copper one. I’ll try an iron one.

UPDATE: Nope. Iron chisel doesn’t work either. A dev I met in game said there are some blocks that cannot be chiseled. I’m guessing this is one of those.

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Currently you can’t chisel compact blocks, bricks, and the decorative blocks. I have a ruby chisel so it’s confirmed.


Hope it was possible to chisel them

Good to know… i was ramping up production to make mass amounts of bricks… Guess i’ll have to choose my blocks a bit more carefully moving forward =/

Whis I knew this before making a ton of compact clay :smiley:

yeah, id love compact soft coal to be chiselable

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No promises, but I have passed along the feedback that more blocks should be chisel-able. We will look in to it, but there is no current time frame as to when this might be.


You can try dark matter chisel in World Builder. For some reason bricks cannot be sloped as well as decorative blocks too.

And as I know chisels hasn’t different effects now. All that you cannot chisel by copper chisel you also wouldn’t chisel by dark matter chisel.

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I don’t think bricks and decorative blocks are chisel’able at the moment. Maybe in the future!

problem with decorative blocks is the look of pattern after chiseling, I guess;

for all the other currently non-chiselable blocks it should be easy to implement

Instagram’s spirit reminds me what we forgot to list here Warp Conduits blocks. I saw few times somebody used it as decorative blocks for effect of night starlight sky. I think it will be great, if we will can chisel Conduits for our buildings.

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