Cant connect

Help me please with my problem.Didn’t play long time and now tried to connect to server but when i clicking to the screen nothing happen.When i closing game its just crashing.I already tryed to change to dx11 and 32/64 bit version but its didnt help me.

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Can you please share a log from the game?

I’m getting “must be logged into Steam” when I’m logged into Steam. And that’s on two computers.

Never mind–Steam servers look like they’re off-line for some reason.
take :sweat_smile:

So i just need to wait ?D:

The log shows it did not create the Dx11 graphics device, which normally means you would have a DX10 or DX9 class card. The next update will enable DX10 class card support.

What GPU do you have?

The log reports:

!! ERROR : Failed to create graphics context.
Please ensure you are running on D3D11 compatible hardware.

What graphics card do you have running?

Nvidia GT555

Ok thats an Optimus chipset. See this thread to make it use the high power GPU.

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Thx you :slight_smile: