Can't craft iron tools

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Hey guys,

First of all…I LOVE BOUNDLESS!!! Been playing for a while and finally joined the forums as well, so it’s good to be here.

I’ve been trying to craft iron tools, and says I need Iron Bars, Fossil Extract, Sticks and the Common Item Recipes skill, all of which I have, but still can’t see the iron tools recipes in the Workbench.

Anyone else encountered this?


I actually believe you need the next skill after that but i could be wrong

If I’m not mistaken, it’s called “Common Tool Recipes” which is waaaay down in Equipment Category.


Ahhhh yeah that’s true, quite hidden imo but thanks a lot!

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I actually made the same mistake as I also thought “Common Item Recipe” was the skill required. Not sure if this needs the attention of the devs though as I’m not seeing enough confusion in this regard.

Upon realization, you’ll find out you’re still faaaar away from copper tools even though you have all the ingredients. :sweat_smile:

Just out of curiousity, which particular tool were you looking at on boundless crafting that showed you needing common item recipes? I’d like to make sure there’s not a problem on the site :wink:

Ahhhh just had a look again (it was the hammer) and it does say “tool”. I feel so dumb now lol. Had a pretty harsh week at work xP

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Haha no worries :smile: glad you found out what you needed!

The devs were talking about adding this information into the game, so in a future update, it’ll be more intuitive as to what skills you need to unlock without needing to consult external resources.