Can't find contact information for support

All I can find is a “Report” feature. Is there any contact information for support?

You can report where you saw, or, in the forums go to the report a bug section and post your difficulty. Developers are very good at responding and tend to fix things quickly. Just today I saw someone reported a problem and discovered it was already fixed which will be in the next update.

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There’s usually more to support than just submitting bugs. How do I reach out to support to resolve an issue in-game? Its not something a patch would fix.

this is where to post bugs

Also if you need to you can always @the devs (james, samF, Steggs101, Blake and V-dragon (V-dragon is the bug specialist :slight_smile: )

There should also be a report bug/support button in the esc menue (i think its under the game tab???)

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you could also simply make a topic in the forum and put it into the “support” section ifit is a more personal problem like account issues or simillar :wink: (like this one is in set to “general”)

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try calling +44 1483 338720 during UK business hours, thats the phone number from their paypal.

I had assumed you were at the report page in the game. It has there reporting a location, reporting a player, etc. Anything in game you can do there or in the forums. If account then forums or PM. Either way the best person available for your specific problem will get on it usually pretty quickly.

just say what your issue is right here…