Can't get rid of colored chat after gleam club expires

My gleam club appears to have expired last night while I was asleep, but now whenever I type, my chat is still colored as if it’s going to send in the previous default color it used to send, but then it sends as white. This is fine, except for the fact that I can’t get rid of the colored text at all. I’ve tried hitting backspace and even tried using the hex code for white, which it just changed right back to colored after sending that message.


It’s not happening for me when I tried reproducing it. When changing the colour of the text, did you use the name of the colour itself, or the specific hex code? Furthermore, what name / hex code was used previously?

I used the hex code for white. Typing out the name of the color hasn’t worked for me in weeks even with gleam club. I don’t think anyone can use the actual color names in game currently judging by all the signs I’ve seen recently that just have :#red: and stuff like that before the text. I can’t remember 100% what the exact color I used before was, just that it’s a color similar to violet and I used a hex code for it, not a color name.

Also, just hopped on to make sure the color issue was still happening and it’s still there. image

Looks like it could be :ff00ff: which would be the fuchsia colour.

In any case, I have looked into this further and have managed to reproduce it, so thanks for the report. It’s been added to the bug database.

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