Can't get rid of my original beacon location?


I can’t get rid of my original beacon location (named “Pøllemås” see the screenshot below). I destroyed the beacon and built a new one (named “Pøllemås the real deal”) in another place, but the Pøllemås beacon location is still active. Further when I got to the Sanctum and want to go back home “Pøllemås” is the only one that is free to use (0 coins) while the new beacon “Pøllemås the real deal” costs coins. This is not good, I dont want to keep using the old beacon location, but for now I have to if I want to avoid paying a coin fee every time.

Hope someone can help make “Pøllemås the real deal” the correct home beacon that does not have any coin charge to use from the sanctum.

Thanks for any help!


If you select/click “the real deal” there should be an option to make it your home beacon.


make another beacon your home, then you can delete your old beacon. You can’t not have a home beacon once you place your first beacon.


What Phaedron said, you do need to go to the new beacon and scroll to the options tab and select make this your home beacon


Can you do it from your beacon tab, or can you only do it from interacting with the beacon itself?


Thanks I found the option for changing a beacon to home beacon. It’s in the Beacon - Options tab - Home Beacon - Change Home Beacon


I think you need to physically be at your beacon, otherwise you could warp anywhere for free by changing your home beacon on the fly