Can't see elemental worlds in the sky?

Are the elemental worlds supposed to be present yet? I can’t see any blast, chill, toxic etc. worlds in the night sky (I’m on a temperate world, though I couldn’t see any from a rugged world either).

There definitely are some, idk why you can see them

I saw a turbulent corrosive world as a tiny purple star.
They are out there, just very far away.

myself @Dulki and @bunky8604 deffinately found an atmospheric/elemental because the atmoshere killed us at least 10 times each while we were trying to warp off lol

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Warning noted. Do not approach without the atmospheric protection skills then?

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and trust me (or @Dulki who tested) atmospheric skill level 2 and he had at least 20>30 mins survival :wink: )

Is it some sort of visible debuff that kills you after a set time, or something?

its exact same as air bar i thought it was a bug when we first landed wait… why am i drwoning??? (dulki replies) What? im not… (me)) IM DEAD??? WTF!!! took us five deaths just to realise lol

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Which atmosphere skills do you need for each planet? Do you know?

It explains in each atmosphere protection skill tooltip


tjhey should be in the atmosppheric list says something about XX extends time XX @Dulki was the one who tested the skill… maybe he could better answer (why i @ him here) but as for me… 0230… GN and HF

world we were on had purple color when we were as nubs

Finata? The temperate EU world.

no thats a safe one it was the one a warp out from there i think (500 coin warp)

or maybe 2 warps away from there?

temperate is the level 2 iirc

But it doesn’t; it explains which atmospheres the skill protects against, but I don’t know how to tell what atmosphere the planet actually has. For example: “Inhospitable Coal World.” Is it blast? Burn? Chill? How can I tell?

Ah no that’s only the very high level worlds, and it says in the description. When I really squint at the night sky I can see a tiny white star that targeting with my crosshairs indicates to be “[NAME] Turbulent Blast World”. So I’d need blast protection there.

But I mean, I warped to an “Inhospitable Metal World” and it had an atmosphere – so how can I tell what kind of atmosphere that was so I can skill against it? Will just any skill work?

Inhospitable largely just refers to scary creatures, I believe. The atmospheres are only found on the turbulent planets.

Im in trill toó, i tested the lvl 5 skill protection, the lvl 5 give invulnerability, but its bugged, i cant explain the bug because my english isnt good. But have a bug when you join to the world after you death. The first skill protection is for trill, the icon with the lighting.