Can't see planets

So I am on Alturnik after traveling from Vena V and I can’t see any planets in the sky?

Anyone no whats going on?

It’s probably super foggy? There are some planets where you can only see the connecting planets in the right spot at the right time (what an odd concept eh? :yum: )

I’ll try again tomorrow, i searched a lot, couldn’t see anything :frowning:

The Daleks probably stole them again.


I have now done a complete circle of the planet and have spotted 0 planets in the sky

Surely this isn’t right?

Every planet in the universe should be visible in the sky either as large near planets or as distant point planets. If you can see any then it’s broken.

Your position on your current planet doesn’t determine what or when planets are seen.

Sounds like it’s broken. Sorry.

No problem haha, but my friend was with me also and he was unable to see any planets either.

Maybe the server needs a restart or maybe something worth investigating.


Same on Vulpto.
No planets, only the moon is visible in the sky.

So no matter where I am on a planet, I’ll always have the same view of the sky?

I’ve watched the planets orbit and I’ve watched munteen and septerfon disappear beyond the horizon on Therka and not come back for a while.

Are you saying if I ran towards the horizon I wouldn’t see the planets in the sky again, always the same view?

I’ve not witnessed a single planet in the sky on Vulpto, I just assumed the fog was too thick and I hadn’t caught the right moments where it’s both above the horizon and the fog is clear enough.
Not sure I understand, doesn’t seem to make sense with what I’ve seen…

wasted like 3 hours running around the planet :frowning: I can’t join my friends on solum

Ok I reproduced it. In my log there is an error where it failed to download:-

[2017-02-05 19:14:59] ERROR Failed to get visible universe for ‘use_c1_ring’ status=500

For me its intermittent - sometimes its working and sometimes not so a quit and restart maybe a short term work around.

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It’s Sunday why are you looking for bugs?!


It’s a passion not a job :wink:


I am on Vulpto and cannot see any planets in the sky. I have logged in and out multiple times, but no luck getting the planets to show up. I have waited for times when the fog subsided so I could actually see the sky.

Hopefully this has been fixed.

An update is out has a fix in. Let us know if it fixes it for you,

Planets appear in the sky! :open_mouth:

There is a third one though, that I can’t look up enough to actually see/target, is that a bug or a nice additional? Kind of like it that I can see one of the others now but it would be “too far” to warp/target.

I can see the planets now. Thanks!

To further go on what Wichall posted, here is a screenshot of what I’m seeing. I can target Solum, but the two other planets for me are almost directly above me and I cannot target either one. I should be able to at least target Munteen VII. This may be due to the recent change in how vertical a player can look.

Thanks for the descriptions. It’s definitely a problem, so we will take a look at it. The planets will eventually move so you can select them after a while, but we agree that they should always be selectable.

Love the way we’ve all been fitted with neck braces so grapples can’t fall on our heads anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Must be a slightly better solution :wink: