Cant see reply button on boundless forum

Cant see a button to reply to any posts on forum.I hardly visit foums but im curious as to where the reply button is.Im on my smartphone.

Is that what youre searching for? Red reply is a general reply towards the topic. The arrow is a direct reply to someone elses comment.

So here on this page answering you theres an arrow to reply on my phone but when i go to the post any post here in generel theres no arrow to press to reply.

All i see is a bookmark last under posts and no small arrow to press to reply.I just checked again still nothing.just love heart,link chain and flag then bookmark.To right of my phone screen after the bookmark theres no arrow only on this page here thats why im replying here cause its only showing up here.

Are you logged in? Never mind, you are posting so you must be.

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perhaps contact the support email? Boundless Support

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Its showing up now thankfully.Thankyou for your messages i appreciate you all and your advice.Have no idea why it wasnt showing up.Glad its all working now :heavy_heart_exclamation:


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