Can't see

Is it just me, or is it impossible to see planets in the sky even with a clear weather totem?

Is there something wrong with my settings? Pretty sure everything is on high as far as graphics are concerned.


Well, this is ofc by night… but

Will see what happens in day time…

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I’ve had this issue a bunch of times but just blamed it on my bad eye sight… But if others are experiencing it too, I guess something else is up.


Well, would imagine it could as well be fps related, too high graphics set, and being limited by that

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My computer and internet can for sure handle the high graphics. I have zero fps issues (you can see in my screenshot that I was sitting at 60fps when I took it). This only recently started happening, not sure what is causing it.

fps issue per say… well maybe not… but it could be mainintaing the fps by reducing your drawing / viewing distance etc, if you have minimum fps set, try and set that off and lower the target fps :-p at least just tempoarily if that is actually on :slight_smile:

Update… nope nevermind :stuck_out_tongue: I have the same now


So, it’s just something that is happening during the day then?

Drawing Distance EPIC:

Drawing Distance Very Short:


Looks like a very short drawing distance helps a little, but not much. Not enough to explain the issue anyway.

Same here… if you get rid of clear weather, there’s lots of stars in the air

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Sidenote… from playing around with settings…

Not that I have a warp augment on me… but appears I can make the planet I am standing on vanish ( I am looking down… )… and see Exo’s / planets through… will have to try that next time the exo can’t be bothered to appear so it is visible from where I stand…

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So the sky is falling!! That explains everything!!



I don’t know if its a common thing on high tier planets or if it’s because the servers need a reboot… but I saw already a few times whenever I wanted to go to an exo that the sky is milky like that and nothing is visibly. My graphics are always the same since I’m a Playstation player. But! In saying that about the sky, I remember days like 2 years ago when I headed to an exo during day time and planets were perfectly visible! Back then clear weather did not yet exist though!

I feel like I’ve always had this problem during the day on certain world types, but it’s been a while since I’ve warped to an exo…

This happend before, then the servers were rebooted and they were fine again for a while.

Last time:

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Is this the same thing? The issue requiring reboot affects all worlds and causes both fog and dust storms that ignore if you are inside vs outside.

I don’t think it is. This is just in the sky, can’t see the planets to find the exo to warp to it. I did eventually find it, but I had to wait for night which is just annoying.


I don’t think it’s the same thing. The weather system acting up can usually be circumvented with clear weather sticks :wink:

The weather systems has been acting up for me on Raxxa. I’ve had times of heavy fog with rain and hail with visibility about 10-15m

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Raxxa does that sometimes

source: used to live there but it is in no way tolerable