Capital Building

I would love some help building a Capital City on US 2(or just gathering resources). My requests for helpers are to stick with the theme and try to make the most out of the chisel system. I would like to try to stick to mostly stone and ice. I would love it if new players could log onto a bit of a nicer entrance than just wilderness with a few missing blocks and random towers. I’ll be working on this for the next few days so feel free to check it out and tell me what you think of the theme and suggestions regarding the build. (if you don’t like something tell me please). Drop in to say hi. I just got this game a 3 days ago but want to jump right in to the game even if it is not fully made.I’m choosing not to protect the land with a beacon, so all people can add to it as they see fit. My end goal is to make a capital for each server. I know these worlds are temporary and might get reset but I will be happy to start over and make a new improved version. I hope the developers are alright with this!

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I like the enthusiasm. :slight_smile:

But here is the fun-killer.
The world regeneration will reset all building that not in a beacon.

Regen only regens areas no one has visited in the last day, and it takes time to regen. The capital of EU2 shows builds, e.g. the bridges, outside beacons that have been around for some days,

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Oh, good.
Maybe the start-point of regeneration have been changed?
Last time i was in and build it was 12 hour after last player visit, and the regen wiped all out at once ( at least over the night.).

I know it was only test-settings, but have not seen any word of changing.

I’m down for it. Once I figure out a bug I’ve been having. Lol.