Capital City is Just a big Massive Build :(

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I don’t like the idea of voting in any capacity affecting something in a video game. It’s just a terrible way of implementing a feature. Cause if it isn’t the current system people are going to complain about it’s people downvoting other people’s builds because the person doesn’t like you.

What we have works. If someone’s massive city build is empty, it’s because of other reasons.

Don’t see a point in overhauling the system we have when it works perfectly fine for its intended purpose.


No actually not delta cancret! This is a captial of 1 build that nobody goes to and i think has little or no foot traffic if i were to guess.


exactly, you are wrong. we are calling for a voting system to be ADDED to the current system, not change it completely to voting only.

The only concern I have with this is that these messages cover up information on what we’re looking at.
this really bothers me.
As long as these messages don’t cover up any other information, you can blast it all over my screen for all i care. I only care about the information of the object i am looking at.
MANY times I want to look at prices right after walking through a portal and have to wait for the stupid message to disappear.
otherwise I like this idea!

again, we are not calling for the system to be CHANGED to voting, only added to what we have currently.


Good feedback so far, just want to remind everyone that I’m not saying a capital should be based on soley voting, or solely prestige, or solely foot traffic. i’m saying a combination of several factors would make it more dynamic. A capital should be really a combination of the above and diminishing returns can be implemented on any of the multipliers to prevent gaming any one thing. Think of it this way:

  • If a wonderful enormous build has no foot traffic, it should not be capital.
  • If a super busy portal hub has a resident population of 1 beacon it should not be capital.

The idea is to allow for rules to prevent any one extreme from being pushed beyond reason.

I just had another flash idea, perhaps the volume and/or frequency of money transactions per city could be factored in too.


Forgive me, but I don’t really understand your point.

Why should a solo build out in the middle of nowhere have no chance of becoming capital?

If one person has put the effort in to create a hub that everyone wants to use, why shouldn’t they become capital, regardless of whether anyone lives there?

I genuinely want to know the reason that people think this, maybe help me to understand.

Maybe 2 separate things side by side, something for people that want to vote for the prettiest build, or their mates build, or whatever, and something else for those that only see the prestige value of what they are building.

I accept that you don’t want to exclude anyone style of play, but currently anyone is free to build a high prestige settlement that they and others find attractive and/or functional.

Nothing is stopping you from doing this.


Thanks fidach, yes this is definitely a consideration. I can’t blame anyone for doing this in the current system and think its a good thing! (Congrats btw! :wink: )

If i recall right the trophy is for Viceroy of the capital city, not creating a new capital city itself. I don’t think adding voting or footfall in addition to prestige would prevent anyone from becoming Viceroy in an existing capital, it may just make the capital more “realistic” in terms of what the capital of a planet should be.

Right now Capital is just the largest prestige accumulation on a planet, not necessarily a hub of commerce, or traffic, or accumulation of great art necessarily. A capital is best determined perhaps from all of the above to some degree (the degree to be best left to dev’s with access to data to determine)


Lol, thanks.

Yes you are right, apologies for my wording.

And I guess it’s all about what your opinion of a capital actually means.


I’m just trying to improve the capital calculation from it’s current state of purely prestiege. I’m not saying it bad or wrong as is. :slight_smile:


Tough to balance it out, I do hear what you are saying.

A rl capital is not necessarily the biggest city, or most prestige in our case.

I guess in my head it can just be gamed so easily by introducing player influence, and as much as I think the vast majority of the community is pretty altruistic, there will always be those who are not.

Maybe you would not be able to vote for your home settlement, and only one vote per account (not character).


Yes, the trick is implementing a system on top of prestige that cannot be easily gamed. Easier said than done, that was the kind of discussion i was hoping to stirr up with the post


2 cents from me. In my build (it’s not the build in mention) I have massive amounts of scaffolding made from stone. Somehow my prestige shot up close to a million just from this alone, so sometimes it isn’t even intentional to overtake the capitol. I felt a little bad about it cause it looks very ugly right now. Hopefully in the future weeks it will become much more appealing, the way I envisioned it.


Yeah my friend wasn’t able to get online for a while and I thought I’d added it to my beacon list but didn’t get a notification to refuel it so am remaking it myself. Should be back to capital once I’m done rebuilding it all and will then add some more aspects like a market and throne room.