Capitals, Towns, and Guild Property

I was thinking that guilds should be able to purchase their own, special beacon(s),
rather than having many guild members set down their beacons and create countless borders.
Maybe, a beacon with more properties than the average player beacon.
Or maybe having the Guild Leader be the one to set it down and configure the special benefits each “Tag” of players have.

Also, it would be great if each and every one of the developers had a village/town/city of their own!

The capitals of each world could be places filled with NPCs of many different types that we could grow and interact with, like Ogrimmar to the Horde in WoW.



I think the current beacon design and implementation covers this. Our foundation aim is to make building in a guild as simple as building independently.

FYI, these were the goals we defined for Beacons:

  • Beacons should allow players to build within an open MMO sandbox without fear of their creations being destroyed or items stolen by other players.
  • Beacons should enable and encourage players to join together and collaborate building and mining within an area.
  • Beacons should provide a single location to manage permissions of an area.
  • Beacons should provide a sense of ownership and community within a world.
  • Beacons should allow players to group closely together but still maintain a feeling of safety and privacy.
  • Beacons should allow players to create private spaces, but incentivise sharing as a more favourable alternative.
  • Beacons should allow players to claim multiple unconnected areas, but incentivise growing existing ones as a more favourable alternative.
  • Beacons should remove the requirement for managing individual permissions on Locks (e.g. locks inherit some permissions from an enclosing beacon)
  • Beacons should allow the changing of ownership, and adding/removal of permissions
  • Beacons should allow players to claim land in non-regular shapes (eg: L shapes)

Sounds great to me! :smiley_cat:

But one more thing, :3
what would happen if their was a mini beacon inside a large beacon?
( perhaps meant to be as a sub-beacon of the larger one )
Would there be names given to beacons to assist in settings like that? :smiley: