Cardass tangle

I can’t find any tangle on Cardass where is it?

I want to say it was at the entrace to the “Cavern” biome

The cavern biomes as @Crete says, and it looks like the area on the right…mostly

Necro alert

But does anyone have coords of this. Im searching now and havent found it yet

I looked forever anyone have cords for the tangle here ?

Never found any, might not exist outside of special events

they are on the planet, but in small quantities, near the trees

If you find some send me cords please…I’m you new neighbour TNT hub

1,382N, -2,027E

I searched the entire planet for this a month or so ago.


Thank you!


I needed this, today, thank you :smiley:


sorry, too late)

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You asked for coords previously and he responded with coords, albeit maybe too late.