Castle Ideas!

New around here but I think I put this in the right category. Building a largish castle with the main block as black stones with silk green gleam as accent lighting with dark grey tertiary accents (lighting fixtures, possibly stairs). I’m a decent builder but for some reason I’m just super stumped on this one.

I’m asking for any and all recommendations you guys have! Different blocks, chisel styles, outer wall style, stair material, anything. I’ve got a lot of my own ideas that I’m hoping to merge with other people’s to create something truly original :slight_smile:

Also, I’m going for an ominous/evil castle look(as I’m sure was obvious by my block choices so far).

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In general i like to google minecraft builds for inspiration.

This site in specific has some nice blueprints you can draw from:
There are many others.

I’ve also been using MagicaVoxel as a utility to model my designs, its free and easy to use and you can get pretty close to what your builds will look like (no half-voxels and slopes though)


Thanks man! I’ve been googling some Minecraft stuff but I’m really looking for the specific styles boundless offeres with chisels and the myriad of block available :slight_smile: MagicaVoxel looks just like something Im interested in. Thanks bro!

Well half \ quarter blocks can be imitated easily enough if you just use a scale of 2x2 voxels = 1 in-game block
Bevels and slopes though - take some use of imagination XD

There is a nice dark brown color wood (lustrious wood) on Storis II, it a passive planet too so all the easier to get. If you go to the swampy areas there are bigger lustrious trees that are a cake wall to farm and only take about 30min to get a full smart stack (900). Just go west of new Oortia, and it’s just past Elders Peak and Walkers Valley (walkers valley has a portal in Portal seekers Hub on Grovdios Te).

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I love the fact you can just shape the block rather then having to craft shapes like minecraft does for slabs and stairs and fences ect.

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These are for example an model - actual examples of a build i made recently. (not 100% color correct)


Oh wow that’s amazing. Love the software too!

Mmmmm, I may have to go check that out (once the servers come back up :cry:). Do you know what tint it is?

Well than you’re gonna love this:
It’s a custom Color Palette i made which contains all the in-game colors.


Source for colors is this very very helpful sheet:


Not necessary for building castle out of blocks but for principles of the design.


If memory serves me right it’s called “dark mustard” it looks like your standard dark wood, wich in this game I’m more of a fan of the "normal colors rather then the bright and pastel colors.

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I didn’t know angels were among us here on the forums

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Amen to that. I’ll be certain to check it out, thanks for the tip!

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Ooo that looks good. And I’ve got plenty of time till the servers pop back up. I’ll be a medieval architect in no time!

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Oooh boy I was gonna go to bed but thanks for the 40min time sink!

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I built a viking port town back in Pre 1.0 worlds…think you’ll like some of these


Holy wow! That’s amazing, you’re really talented, good job! Not exactly what I have in mind for this particular build but I’ll definitely book mark this for future inspiration. I particularly like the way you do your roofs and I’m impressed with how seamlessly everything flows together. How long did this take to make? (and nice photography too :wink: )

Thank you! Honestly…too long BUT, it was my first time playing so i didn’t fully understand skill sets so it took longer than it should have. hmmm if its a Gothic/evil castle you are going for feel free to swing by my current place near sunken City on Sochaltin the grand cathedral which might be more what you are going for?

Plus ancient corruption would look awesome on the wall of an evil castle imo


Man, I’m a big ole noob. I’ve never even heard of that planet. Once the servers get back up I’ll find my way through the portal networks! Will you be on, might have some questions about the build and maybe you can tell me about it?