Casual, Low Level Meteoritos Hunt @ KingDES

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A few of us have been using KingDES’ place to zip between Xa Frant, Lamblis, Delta Cancret (1 point Volatile Protection) and Gyosha Ophin looking for meteoritos.

This is an open invitation to anyone looking for some low entry requirements hunting! Only 1 point Volatile needed. Any skills or equipment, but you will probably have more fun with, at least, Silver Slingbow or equivalent, some Shielding food and some points spent in armour/resistance.

The portals can be accessed through KingDES Market - Ultima HQ Hub, Ground Floor, East. Or there’s a notice board by his portal at Lamblis 308N, 177E (Red Plains).

We’re around early evenings (EU) [5 to 8 GMT, 6 to 9 CET, noon to 3 EST?] (maybe a bit earlier at weekends) and jumping around from his Lamblis hub. No fixed times yet, so just come along and see what’s happening.

/salute, Samphire

Note: we do transition Besevrona briefly, but Protection not needed.


For any newer players just getting into the joy of the hunt but not too far along with mining or crafting , I’ll insert a quick plug here for my store Universal Consumables where I stock (in my opinion) quite cheap healing brews and slingbows of various different levels, which would be ideal for this kind of thing.

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