Cat Farm is open

sorry for ping but i think its important

do you tried AFTER ???

i dont think you’re the only one paying via PayPal so for sure they dont cut the option they are supported by

Yes, I tried after the maintenance. So far, not many seem to be paying via PayPal. It will be seen what Monumental will do and one can only hope.

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Interesting. That would be odd to cut out PayPal as it is one of the most used payment methods. In fact actually boundless is the reason why I even got PayPal back then. Let’s see what they do, could be for all we know a little mistake, or maybe indeed a new strategy.

If PayPal won t be added i am out to buy anything and others too because i bought it for them always.


Let’s hope it’s yet to be added again, if paypal ain’t a option anymore that also means my planets will run out and it be the end of THE FUTURE…

I have checked and there’s definitely no paypal

ps I’m pretty sure it will be added again, its a worldwide payment option.


For european people the only way to pay atm IS gpay and this does not have everyone.
The other payment option IS Not available for europeans and asians as well…

Well let me say that if paypal would have been no option anymore it should have been announced prior announcing changes.
However if it is yet to be added again its really bad to make changes ,announcing that it’s completed when it’s not. Communication is important yet the Communication gets less and less it seems we seem to go back to old habits


What we really need is just active development on the game. But definitely it would be nice to have an announcement that PayPal will still be supported. I bought a sov planet just last week, funny if maybe it was the last time it would be possible for me to get one.

A game like Boundless thrives on its community and the developers/owners need to invest more time and energy if they want to see growth. I feel sad because of the huge potential being wasted.


Has there ever been any communication / information from the DEV’s? - I can not remember…

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new colors are set.

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Closed for now. - Have to rebuild my entire base because of a few problems. Unfortunately, I can’t say for sure whether the farm will be reopened.

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