Centraforge ingredients not in the forge menu

I put 102 pure boons in my forge ingredients but in the forge I only have 20!

edit: and it says i used much more than i actually did! i now have 42 pure boon compounds in my ingredients deck after A SINGLE FORGE. I’m a noob forger and cannot use 60 pure boons! There was only 20 in the forge and i used 8. Not 60! My forge (ps4) is broken.

Not sure, but I know it does this based on the amount of items you are forging… i.e. if you have 100 of a boon compound and you forge 5 items at once, then once you start it will show 20 of those boon compounds since each round will use 5 to forge 5 items the same way.

Not sure if this was clear enough so will have another go at it.

If you are forging 1 hammer and you start with 100 boon compounds in your deck then each round of boon you use will eat 1 boon compound… so if you do 10 rounds, when you are done you will have 90 left.

Now if you put a stack of 2 hammers in the forge at the same time and start with 100 boons then as soon as you begin the forge it will indicate that you have 50 boon compounds because it will use 2 boon compounds every round so doing 50 rounds would use up all 100 of the boon compounds available. In this case if you did 10 rounds of boon compound use, then when you were done you would have 80 remaining because it used up 1 for each hammer for each round.

So in the case you said above, it “sounds” like you had 102 boon compounds in your forge, and then put 5 hammers (or whatever) in to be forged at once. So when you started, the forge “showed” you 20 available boon compounds since each round it would need to use 5 of them to apply to your 5 hammers, and the extra 2 would not be enough for a full round of 5 hammers. (if you had started with 105 then when you began forging it would have showed 21).

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