Centraforge Qn - Boon Point Bar and Pure Boon Compounds 1 & 3

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Quick question regarding the centraforge and how boon points go into levels:


Let’s say I’ve added 400 x 2 (200% effectiveness) boon points using a Pure Boon Compound 3 and RNG was such that I did not get a boon, so my bar is now at 800/1000.

If I now add a Pure Boon Compound 1 (100 x 2) to top off the bar at 1000/1000, is this the same as just spamming another Pure Boon Compound 3?

Will both provide a random chance of a random number of points out of 1000 feeding into the boons, or will a second Pure Boon Compound 3 increase the likelihood that a higher number of points is gained?

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It seems to just truncate the number of points to 1000, I’ve never noticed a difference in the roll. In other words, the extra points are wasted as far as I’ve been able to figure out. Tough to say for sure though without API access to the forge data.

The bar can only fit 1000 points into it, so yes, 600 points down the drain I’m afraid. This is why some people have methods that take a boon compound 1 or 2 with them to use in situations like this.

No compound effects your RNG in any way. A pb3 will not give you better RNG than a pb1. So in your situation, saving a few mats by using pb1 to top it off is best.

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Gotcha. Thanks for the input, everyone!

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