Can anyone tell me where I can find how to make the ingredients for the Centraforge? I have looked through every single tab in the knowledge section but can’t see a single one.

I’ve started a new character on testing to see how the new skill system works (I’ve been told it’s not a tree) and so far I’ve reached level 13 and made all the machines. I’ve progressed past making stone tools and have started making Iron ones but would now like to see if I can forge them as it’s supposed to run perpendicular to material progression and as James has said I could of started even sooner with just stone tools.

You need the recipe skills, if you don’t have them. Otherwise they are all made in an extractor


Ah excellent :grinning: thank you @willcrutchley, I’ve just looked and they only need 1 skill point so I’ll be able to get them next time I level up.


My mistake, It goes up to 3 skill points

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This and my own struggles to plan how I spend my skill points make me think: wouldn’t it be better if levels of skills in the tree were displayed all the time? So if I don’t have any Power yet it would show 0/8. And before I start spending points on crafting skills, I can see 0/2 and 0/3 so I know what to expect ahead?


Totally agree :+1:

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I have to admit that when I first read @james statement above about the Centraforge I got quite interested about it but no disrespect to James I found that his statement isn’t entirely true. For starters you can’t pick between progression to metal or forging stone. You have to have metal tools to mine the silver or gold to make the alloy needed to make the forge. You also need spark cores and pretty much most of the machines so as @schasm said although you can access the machine at an early stage it’s still gated by all the other necessary factors to make it worthwhile. Personally I’m going to leave my Centraforge gathering dust for now. I consider myself a pretty average player, I don’t rush though trying to power level up, I try and play the game at the pace it seems to be for me, Boundless has been my go to game for almost a year now and I’ve found it extremely fun and enjoyable and hopefully I’ll continue to play for many more years to come but at the moment what this new update has shown me and trying it out on testing is that to get anywhere near to the levels my characters are at now and explore freely again I’m probably going to have to put in at least double the amount of time that I have so far and won’t be leaving the starter planet for a very long time. The test world is somewhat misleading in that it has huge amounts of tech components and silver all easily found on the outsides of hills/mountains unlike the live home world’s. This makes a big difference to your initial progression as generally you would have to search far and wide for the tech and mine deep underground for the silver. So although the progression has been pretty easy and straight forward on testing I know that won’t be as simple on live/1.0 (unless starter planets are going to have tech and silver so readily available) in conclusion I’ve decided I’m going to leave playing Boundless for now and just log back in every now and then to fuel my beacons (and maybe play a little a bit) as the thought of starting from the beginning again and going through it all over again when 1.0 hits surpasses my boredom threshold. It’s been fantastic meeting many of you in-game and hopefully I’ll meet many of you again when 1.0 launches :slight_smile:

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From what I saw when the new worlds were there for a week or so,
it’s not very difficult to leave the starter planet. In a few days playing a new character I was only missing silver or gold to build compactor and craft warp augment.
After that worlds progression was different than what we know now. More steps and gradual difficulty level if it comes to creatures. There were coal and metal worlds near by that were easy to navigate and survive on for a 15-20 level character and provided a lot of resources needed to progress in crafting and further exploration of worlds.

I do agree that if Forge is supposed to make you chose between forging existing tools or moving to higher tier tools on early stages, than it needs to be made with lower tier materials.

Power coils for Centraforge are not that important for lower tier tools as they have higher flexibility and are easier to upgrade so you don’t need that much vigour and use of vigour consuming ingredients is not as important. I successfully created nicely upgraded low tier tools by using no power coils and no vigour ingredients.

All that sure needs balancing and we will hopefully get it right soon enough.


Thanks Boundmore for that information :slight_smile: …With regards to leaving the home planet earlier I was thinking more in regards to the survivability factor as I prefer the crafter/builder aspect so finding resources and trying to dodge/hide escape from spitters, hoppers and cuttletrunks that have bombs, laser beams and tractor beams seems pretty difficult unless you’ve leveled up quite a bit and have sunk skill points into weapons, health and armour etc … not to mention when atmospheres comes into effect. I’m going to wait till 1.0 and take it one step at a time and see how it goes :slight_smile: