Centraforging a Cheap Block Changing Chisel and Solo Hunting - Stream Recap #3

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Aktubio! Hope you’re all ready for a weekend of playing boundless and possibly some less important life stuff :smiley:

Episode 3 of the Livestream Let’s Play was really fun, thank you to all who dropped by! For those who are interested in the livestream but wern’t able to catch it, here is a short video recap of what went on :smiley:

I have tried something new and taken some clips straight from the stream playback, dropping the quality of those specific clips, but I added a cool overlay that I hope makes up for the drop in quality - let me know what you think! :fist:


I’m loving these streams @Ovis. Good job on creating content for this beautiful game :heart_eyes:

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Cheers dude! You’re right about that :smiley: