Cephonex Solo Hunting Platforms

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So, here goes… my first ever build designed to be used by other people! This is NOT a new idea ofcourse but I took great inspiration and advice from @Eggshaker and Baneslayer and whipped up a few public hunting platforms on Cephonex Merika.

Please note, I realised upon creation that some of these platforms may be close to settlements. If they are too close for a settlement owner and you would like them to be moved, please feel free to get in contact with me either in game, or on here. Failing that, I’m happy to plot out those bits on the ground and work with whoever to make it fit the settlement etc!!

Next up: How to access them!
I’ve got a portal token stand in my shop in Grand Market

Also, I have built a new shop on Cephonex. This shop is accessible if you go to Cephonex via the TNT network. Turn right directly out of that portal and there is a portal directly to the shop. The portal is currently named something like “Phermina Dunes” or something like that.

The tokens are free of charge and in the shop is a few shotguns for sale.

These are ideal for one or two players to do a quick hunt for some easy oort. Please feel free to use them as much or as little as wanted. I know platforms aren’t to everyone’s tastes but, each to their own!

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

PS: Any issues with the platforms, or feedback, please let me know