Change forum email?

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How do I go about changing the email linked to my forum account? My old address has been targeted by either a spam botnet or a very, very determined spammer, not to mention I can’t forward emails to my new address thanks to my old one being a webmail. Thanks in advance!

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Sheesh! Good luck!

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@ben or @james could you help him?

If you sign into then you can change your email here.

(I thought there was a direct link I could give you but I can’t find it at the moment.)

Direct link is:

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Sorry about the late reply - thanks for the assist!

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Hello, i’m sorry to revive this thread but I am having a bit of trouble changing my email address from there. I did it using the direct link, however my email on here is not changed. Does it automatically change after some time?

I did it here somewhat recently

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Ah I see, thank you for that link. Its possible to change it but I made the mistake of making a different account with that email address lol
Is there a way to merge accounts?