Change how chisels work


If we decide to go that way… it just seems we are taking more time than needed with mistakes instead of just finding a way to show the options so you can get it right on the first try.


I would agree with you since It would work great when you’re making small decorations and putting details but for repetitive patterns where a skilled chiseler would like to reproduce their work in a massive scale it would slow them down.

Perhaps making this possible feature for the gem chisels be a interesting idea. Or reverting it so gold, silver and titanium have this preview feature but hence gem ones have higher durability, it would render those chisels more useful for someone who wants speed and knows where to strike the voxels.

So precise chisels would in fact be precise, and a new gem category of “Diamond mass chisel production” could be added. I personally would love to record my previous shape and duplicate it in one hit instead of cycling through every shape.


After what a few have mentioned, it seems like a simple undo method would suffice since there are too many for cycling plus it would slow things down on large builds and dual wielding would make previewing confusing.
So either a simple hold shift or something and click to undo or perhaps as someone said to add a undo tool to keep the immersion.
So while my initial idea wouldn’t work I think it is agreed at least that a bit of polish is needed to how they work.


Possible to have the best of both, a simple mouse click makes the change instantly, click and hold the button opens preview using the mouse wheel rotates through possible options of the cut on the block.


ooh! how about simply hold the button down for a preview… works for dual wielding because when you hover over a block without clicking it would be exactly as it is right now, but as long as the mouse button for either hand is held down it will show a preview of the respective cut (and you can move the mouse around at this point to see all the possible cuts from the first hit) and only after releasing the button you swing the chisel and the cut is made. this will allow players to do their chiseling exactly as they are now (changing how you do stuff can be difficult sometimes especially when it gets more complicated) but with an added function when you hold the button down for a bit longer (but the preview will show instantly)


I agree, the chisels are very frustrating for me, I returned after taking a break, and I have have NO luck in getting anything to look like i want. I keep having to redo it all.


I remember that stage. You need a few weeks of constant work with them and then you are fine.

At this stage, when I am able to get shapes I want at first attempt, it’s hard for me to recall the initial frustration with them. :joy: