Change how chisels work


I really really enjoy the use of chisels in this game. They make things so much more creative when designing things. The problem I have is that they feel impossible to click the right order to get the right outcome sometimes.

It would be great if using them simply toggled the blocks through the available chiseled options. While a bit less realistic, would make it far easier to get the look wanted without trial and error over and over having to remove the blocks.


Not sure where I put it but I suggested somewhere that they should have a preview when you’re looking at different edges of a block, the part that will be chiseled off should be highlighted or disappear/translucent (or the remaining part to be highlighted) and would change depending on which corner/edge you look at.
This would save a ton of extra clicks, lots of time and a significant amount of durability on tools.


That would also be a good alternative to the current system. I know myself, I have a hard time getting the slope tool to work as I’d like making corner pieces.


It could help in some situations and not help in some. For example making stairs is really easy now, but with a toggle maybe you have to click a lot more than today. But I agree that it is tricky sometimes. I have wanted an “undo” button on occasion.

Yes, this would help me for sure.


Cycling, as in, cycling all possible shapes? Yeh… there sre 244 variations for square, 244 for bevel, and over 100 for standard slopes including rotations. That’s a lot of clicking :stuck_out_tongue:

Mouse wheel chisel tier options

I was not aware there were that many. It doesn’t seem like each tool has more than 10 or so. Perhaps I’m even worse with them than I thought lol!


I imagine a preview of what you are editing would be a lot easier to read than a toggle.

Me too!


You just have to count in rotations and variations :slight_smile:


I think a preview when hovering or the undo button would both be a great option then given the unreal use of toggling.


undo function would be awesome, the best idea really


I prefer the idea of making the area you are about to chisel translucent - essentially showing the shape you will make once you click.

An undo button just seems a bit odd :thinking:


If it was more like a refill putty or something.


Anything in any way that helps us know what we will get before we actually hit the block would help. I cannot explain enough how many times I have tried to chisel something and not get what I wanted. This resulted in me having to remove the block and go through the sequence again. Praying that I got it right on the second or third attempt…

So any visualization or anything would be better than just hoping you are doing it right AND with the RIGHT CHISEL! Which so many times I have the wrong one…


Yeah, perhaps shifting back and forth between the current shape and the shape that the chisel would cause would be possible for example.

I think I read somwhere that translucent voxels wont happen soon.


Yeah that could work. Would you want to make it a craftable item?

This would definitely be a better idea than the transparent one :wink: More visual as well


I like the idea of a preview, maybe the corner highlighted darkens or something.


Yeah, the if there could be some sort of highlights to show what will be removed, that would be great


I think it would be difficult to preview blocks, basically because you can dual wield chisels. It would need to cycle between both options constantly, which could be confusing.


I haven’t read the entire thread but has anyone suggested keeping the rotation going? After you reach the last shape another hit will return the block to it’s original cubic shape?

Since we are talking chisels, whats with the different durability? Gold chisel is probably my number one used but the durability is terrible…


Sounds like the potential for a new tool. Maybe a trowel? One swipe returns block back to start.