Chaos Association (C.A.) Mega Thread also including Blue Oyster Cult Shop news

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The settlement of Chaos has relocated to a new promise land, the T4 hunting planet of Artemis. This is the official headquarters of the Chaos Association, a small 5 Toon guild.

All visiting hunters, gatherers, explorers, are welcome. There’s no need to join the Chaos Association to enjoy the fruits of the beautiful Artemis. (Artemis is a 3km planet capable of sustaining 10 players.)

Portal to it located at the TNT “Circ” hub.
Planet Information:

This will be the new home for the Blue Oyster Cult Shop. It is still under construction as is the settlement itself.

All future announcements about Artemis, Chaos, and Blue Oyster Cult Shop are planned to be here.

Best regards. :sunglasses::metal:


Damn it. I was hoping this was going to be an announcement for a remastered special edition release of Police Academy :roll_eyes:



The hunting Platform 3 is officially open for public use. There’s a portal leading to it in the Chaos hub. Portals for the hunting platforms 1 and 2 are under construction :construction: so use only at your own risk :joy:. The Capital Platform (formerly platform 1) is still open.

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Hunting platform 2 is now officially open. Platform 3 is still open and Platform 1 is still under construction :construction:.


The Blue Oyster Cult Shop is having a Grand New Home Opening! :tada:

Inventory and pricing is still going on but there’s 5400 Spark for sale at 9 coin ! :open_mouth:

The shop can now be found on “Artemis “ in the relocated settlement of Chaos.
Artemis can be accessed to by portal at the TNT Circ hub.


Hunting platform 1 now is open and 2 is being remodeled. Platform 3 is still open.

Updated : 1,2,3 are open


There’s over 11,000 glass available for purchase at The Blue Oyster Cult Shop for 3 coin each.

You can get there by way of the TNT portal hub. It’s the Artemis portal.


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The settlement of Chaos on Artemis is under going major remodeling . The Blue Oyster Cult Shop is temporarily closed as are the portals for the hunting platforms. Artemis is still available for visiting hunters ect at the TNT portal hub.

I’m hoping that reconstruction of the shop will be completed soon.

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The Blue Oyster Cult Shop is reopening! Still stocking merchandise and remodeling the surrounding areas.

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How do you get to your shop?

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@Loco-Is-Back , you can get to the Blue Oyster Cult Shop at the Artemis portal at the TNT portal hub. The portal will take you right in front of the shop. There’s also a capital hunting platform you can access. And I hope to have the portals to hunting platforms 1,2,3 open relatively soon. :crossed_fingers:

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Ok, Thanks

Have a good day and stay Safe.

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I have good news for hunters that hunt on Artemis. :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:

Hunting platforms 1,2,3 are open again for public use in addition to the capital platform.

Please excuse all of the remodeling going on. :sunglasses:

There’s currently over 2900 spark :zap: for sale at the Blue Oyster Cult Shop for 10 coin each.


There’s 14,400 sap for sale at the Blue Oyster Cult Shop for 3 coin each.

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Do you need high voltage?
By that I mean do you need spark :zap:? You can never have enough spark. There’s currently over 3500 spark at the low price of 10 coin each at the Blue Oyster Cult Shop.
You can get to the Blue Oyster Cult Shop by going to the TNT portal hub on Circ. The sovereign planet of Artemis is your destination for high voltage at a low price.

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There’s currently over 4100 spark at the Blue Oyster Cult Shop for only 10 coin each. Grab it before it’s gone.

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The Blue Oyster Cult Shop now has power coils priced at 949 coin each. Grab them before someone else does. :sunglasses:

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Your shop needs more cowbell!

Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


The Blue Oyster Cult Shop currently has 14,400 machined iron for sale at 35 coin each! :sunglasses: