Character Class system / build system (millions of different builds!)


-A bit about myself
-Let’s head in to it
-Character points explained

  • Weapon Masteries
  • Force Masteries
  • How to balance

-Essence points explained

  • Stamina, Spirit, Vitality

-Rebirth System

  • General Idea

  • Rebirth For Mastery

  • Rebirth For Essence

-Brief recap

-Thank you note

A bit about myself

Hi there, I’m the Enlightened One, it’s been a while since I posted so bare with me on this long post coming up. I’ve played different mmo’s saw different skill systems and building paths, from Path of Exile, to Guild Wars 2, and from Arche Age to Silkroad! I’ve come across alot of games, but just few of them really amazed me. The skill system / build system i’m going to explain now is a very varried one with millions of possible builds. and one for every player alike. :blush:

Let’s head into it!

First and foremost there are two main types of points. Skill points and Stat points.
But since oort online want some other names let’s call them Character points and Essence points. These have nothing to do (or very little) with race skills and / or crafting skills. :relieved:

Character points are gained by doing stuff ingame, wether it is crafting or fighting mobs, building or exploring.

Essence points are gained by leveling, with a set amount per level. and you level by doing the things you get skill points for. so people can reach the maximum by doing what they feel like and love. :grin:

Both of these will be spent in various ways ending up in your class/build.

Character points explained

There are 2 types of Masteries that can be trained. The Weapon Mastery and the Force mastery.
Most of the time you will be mixing things up in both,Since they will decide you non racial skills!

  • Weapon masteries
    As it says weapon masteries will contain skills for your arsenal of funky weapons.
    (The screenshots I’m providing are screenshots of sro a korean style grind game with awesome skills.)

Sword mastery example
Here you see the skill system. even though the abilities will be different and a bit less perhaps.

Each row’s first ability is a standard ability you can level up with character points.
For now Row 1 means a power full slash, Row 2 multiple slashes and Row 3 a shield bash

For you to utilize that skill you just give x amount of character points And poof you git your first skill.
BUT you can keep developing this skill by donating more character points. eventually when you maxed the skill level, you will then be able to upgrade for a more powerful skill with the same principle.

Instead of a powerful swing it becomes a powerfull trust with a bit more damage or maybe a bit of armor penentration. you multiple strikes at first is 2 rapid strikes, when you upgrade it might be 3 slashes and so on.

The Higher you level your skill, the more character points are required. First ability might only take 1 character points to level. but as you level it up it can become 3-4 per level and the next one in line could cost you 10 skill points

  • Force masteries
    Force masteries is basicly everything that has to do with magic and hocus pocus!
    (The screenshots I’m providing are screenshots of sro a korean style grind game with awesome skills.)

Ice mastery example
Here you basicly see the same skill system as the weapon mastery.

Each row’s first ability is a standard ability you can level up with character points.
Let’s say the first row Are Imbue° related skills, the second one Frost armor and the third one an ice nuke.
(°Imbue is infusing your weapon/ tool with the specific magic to give it the effects of that magic. in this case Freezing or slowing opponents down.)

This is the same concept as for the weapon mastery.
For you to utilize that skill you just give x amount of character points like the weapon mastery.
You can keep developing this skill by donating more character points. eventually when you maxed the skill level, you will then be able to upgrade for a more powerful skill with the same principle.

Instead of an light imbue, the imbue intensifies as more frost magic is infused into the weapon or tool.
Instead of a this layer of frost armor you get a thicker one wich protects you more.
And instead of an iceball you launch you’ll several ice spikes.

  • How to balance

Now balance is always an issue when having alot of skills at your disposal.
We can balance things out by setting a max level cap on skills. and a mastery cap.
A max level cap basicly means you can level 1 skill to level 5 and then it cannot go any higher, so you have to move on to the next one.
A mastery cap is that you can only have** X amount** of levels in aswell weapon mastery as force mastery combined. :+1:

Let me give you an example. the mastery cap = 300 that means you can level up any skill untill all the skill levels are added and hit the mastery cap of 300. You can’t learn any more skills in other words your skill set is complete.
(I have skill resets covered, it will be featured in the rebirth system part)

Another option is to scale the skills with your spent Essence points. You’ll read about that in the next section. So skills don’t really hard scale on level (they get more powerful through effects and less so through scaling damage) and scale more on where you put you’re Essence points. :muscle:

Let’s move on!

Essence Points explained

Essence points are awarded each time you level up. There are 3 main recources available to the player,Vitality(HP), Spirit (MP) and Stamina. Essence points can be spent to increase those recources.
The more you put into one the better it scales. i’ll give an example below with only HP and MP

So at level 1 Every one has his base stats. in this case stat points are element points.
let’s say 10 EP in HP and MP.
Now when you level up, you will be rewarded Element points to improve either HP or MP in this case.

You will automaticly gain 1 EP in each stat. you will be given extra to suit your needs and play style
where you put them do matter, since your skills will scale differently on where you put them.

Put all of em in MP to deal more more magic damage

Put them all in HP to deal more physical damage

Spread them to become some what Hybrid.

It might not seem much but here are level 100 data values.(Results are insane but it’s just to make my point clear)

Full tank

Full mage

Hybrid tank

Hybrid mage

You could do some creative stuff. you can go 7/8 mage or 4/5 tank and every point you change, will change the outcome of your build and the outcome of your class.

Combine this with the skill system and there should be some very interesting combinations.
Even some classes or builds we have not seen yet! :heart_eyes:

Plus these are examples of only MP and HP, Stamina or SP to keep it nice and short will be there aswell.
So you can basicly keep exploring and trying new things.I’ll get to that later.

  • Stamina, Spirit and Vitality

Most games have what’s called a trinity principle. they cant have one class rule over the others.
Thats why the trinity principle exists, balance, if one out weights the other you need some thing to balance it, a handicap or counter.
You see this in nearly every game made, it’s what a game makes a game. no trinity → dull/non interesting game. :weary:

Now the idea is to bring the trinity principle to stats like HP, MP and SP.
Let me give you some hypothetical examples.

Leveling HP gives you more HP and more physical balance (physical abilities do more damage)

Leveling MP gives you more MP and more magical balance (magical abilities do more damage)

Leveling SP gives you more SP and more evasiveness and crit damage/chance ( more dodges criticalstrikes/criticalstrike damage)

Here’s where the magic of the trinity happens, there are alot of ways to improve different stats, they will give you different bonusses aswell as handicaps.

Full HP, you’ll be tanky and do damage with physical abilities, but you magic damage is low and your dodge /crit chance aswel.

Full MP, you’ll be blasting people away with spells but you will remain squishy and dodging chance is low

Full SP, you’ll pump out some damage and you’ll be hard to hit, but you lack hp and magic damage to stay in long fights.

If you go hybrid it chances once more depending how your hybrid rate is. 4/8HP 2/8MP 2/8SP or 5/10MP 3/10HP and 2/10SP. Let your imagination run wild on the possibilities! :scream:

Rebirth system

The Rebirth system is pretty straight forward. It pretty much allows you to be reborn.
But with some perks, because no one want’s to start over when you invested time in you character.
I’ll show you what i mean!

  • General idea
    Normally when you get tired of a character because of the build you did or wich class you took, you pretty much have to start over. Some games provide the opportunity to re-educate yourself for a sum of gold.
    Now why not make something that is able to do it for you. You just need to gather the necessary materials. find out what the recipe is and done. We’ll go more in depth about the specifics.

  • Rebirth for Mastery
    Did you ever take something you didn’t want afterwards, yeah we have all been there.
    Now the idea of a rebirth system in this case for mastery is that you make something where you can enter.
    For example this rebirth pool.

And by doing so be reborn. by reborn i mean all points spent on masteries return over x amount of time when you enter the pool. let’s say each minute you stay in you’ll get 30% of your total progress back, or 10% per 20 seconds.
this means if you made a wrong turn or want something entirely different well just enter wait a bit and spend your mastery points again.

It makes experimenting with certain setups less risky and not penalizing.

  • *** Rebirth for Essence***
    Same thing applies here. but only with spent Essence points. You gain the recources that you require for the recipe and then enter.

    Again each 20 seconds you remain in the pool will give you back the spent essence points so you can rebuild your class or experiment with a new one.

I always had the feeling people should be able to freely experiment, especially with a complicated skillsets and builds.
It also keeps the game new and refreshing, and could prove useful for titan combat. let’s say the titan you just defeated was kinda slow and immobile and you hammered it down using strong magic dodging and heavy blows. next titan could be a very fast one where you must adapt and kite slow and contain him. you could search for the right people with the right builds or you could still play with your friends and each adapt to the new situation.

It put’s you on a new path that might feel uncomfortable but in the end you’ll have more understanding and can head back and maybe change a few things on the build you created.

Brief Recap

Ok so let’s recap!

2 main elements for many different builds → Essence points and Character points.

Essence points are gained by leveling.
Essence points are spent on base stats → stamina, vitality, spirit.
Vitality could give more physical damage.
Spirit could give more magical damage.
Stamina could give more crit damage/chance and more endurance.

Character points are gained by doing what you love, building, combat, mining, crafting, hunting…
Character points are spent on skills, there are 2 main types: Weapon mastery and Force mastery.
Weapon mastery are skill you can do with you weapons, once a skill has been learned you can level that skill further.
If it reaches it’s maximum, you’ll unlock the next tier of that skill. It will cost more character points the higher you level them.

To balance them we put a cap on mastery level, so if the total level of mastery has been reached your skill set is complete. skills don’t scale well on level, they scale on where you put your Essence points in.
This allows for many builds and playstyles!

If you want another build, there will be a rebirth principle. gather the resources and build it.
Enter it and each 20 seconds you’ll get 10% of your max spent character points or essence points back.
After that you can level other things. Encourages experimentation, doesn’t limit a player to 1 build, and keeps the game fresh!

Thank you note

Thank you for reading! It was a long long post. and took me about 8 hours to construct and get everything as well explained as possible.

So thank you for reading this massive chunk of text!
I hope you guys like the ideas i brought up.
Please do give some feedback or add your own thoughts!

(spelling errors might occur, this is due to a bug in humanity patch.14.5.6 and happens when too much time is spent writing and thinking.Will be fixed in patch 16.0.1)


I’m on break at work so I only had time to skim but first off very nice, there are a lot of things I like. Thst said, there are just 2 things I want to see when it comes to character classes/progression/combat. First is preset classes, so choosing whether you want to be thief, mage, warrior, etc. I say this because it is one of the biggest factors of ensuring players work together in mmos; nobody can do everything. You gotta pick hour role and you need to find others to fill the roles you didnt pick. Nobody should be able to fill all roles in a party. Second is simplicity. A lot of options and choices can be good and helpful but there does become a point at which that becomes daunting and confusing and can turn a lot of players off. Also keep in mind I’m mostly parroting my customers that I’ve talked to about Oort throughout the day and their concerns

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Looks nice, even if the number of skills seems to be to much for Oort. Also a nice concept for spending points to have a built. I also loved the way guild wars 1 did it.

But for the matter of fixed classes, I’m still against it. The only way for me to introduce fixed classes would be like the elder scrolls online did it: There are three or four broad classes, which ingame had three skill groups each and some passives, but when playing your character has over ten more skill groups to level or skill with (for each weapon group, crafting, Guild and/or story). So a class gave a way or kick in the direction, but still everyone can do everything.

But to have it open without classes would be the best in my eyes. When you can learn all but only equip 5 skills next to your eeapon/tool, you will have to specialize to get the best out of your character. Also when free each player can play a solo and a group built separately, which may be an important point in a survival MMO like Oort. Don’t limit the possibilities, but give the need for good builts :wink:

Thanks for your feedback! I love games where i can be just that tad bit different as other people. and with this system it is possible ^^. but it’s indeed a bit complicated at first. and maybe pretty hard to balance things and to make them word with each other.

Yeah those skills are way to many, but if the package would be more compact it would be interesting. some thing that might float everyone’s boat.

never played elderscrolls, but that’s an intreresting system aswel. reminds me a bit of this one only difference is the push in the direction :smile:

the 5 skill idea sounds nice maybe select different bars by pressing f1-f4 so you could have a few in order to switch if the situation requires it?

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Mhmm… welcome back, keep coming with ideas.

i just briefly skimmed it and it looks alright. i would have to say i am against locked classes too,

here you sadly missed the point, you can switch as much as you want out of combat in eso and you can quickswitch weapons in combat (you can basically switch between 2 weapon sets and skill sets) its a tactical limitation. TSW is still the best i have seen do it. feel free to take a look at the skill system here if you get bored

TSW allows you to use 2 weapons at once, only active abilites from those 2 while you can have 7 equipped, 1 being an elite. you can also only have 7 passives but they can come from any weapon tree.

I have quite a bit of posts on skill systems, feel free to look them through if you want inspiration, but good job never the less. very nicely put together :smile:

EDIT: levels are also a tad tricky, i dont think there are levels in the usual sense since on the site they write something like ‘‘use it to master it’’ so use a sword to get sword mastery, but i dunno. just a note.

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I just watch Game of Thrones and thought about adding an aspect of that series to Oort:…

In GoT there are many families which each has different priorities, traditions and a specialisation. So why not having something like big factions or guild-families high you can join and gain ranks in. And each one gives some skills and perks if you get higher in their tiers. That would be also chosen (but may be switchable) when building your built. If you build your character you can chose skills of one faction but may use another faction on another built… Hmmm :wink:

Yeah i’m brainstorming on a new forum post wich will be as long as this one or longer :smiley:

I’ll check your ideas out and i’ll also chack the last world out, seems like an interesting game.
yeah i should have explained the levels a bit better. it’s basicly the idea that you start with a basic skill or spell
let’s say a slash, as you get more skilled, you can double slash ect. so it’s kind of a skill that is evolving along side your character. wich is nice because you notice your character getting better and more developed. ^^
Thanks for you feedback!

If you build your character you can chose skills of one faction but may use another faction on another built… Hmmm

THis sounds weird but very interesting. have never heard an idea like that ! :smiley:

another eso feature, you have guilds you can join, fighters, thieves and mages, when you join them you can do stuff to them and get skills
@TheBirne from my side i am a bit… meh… i think the stories are what players make it, and since npc’s are not planned i dont think it would work well.

one thing i have been playing with in my mind was deities though, gods or what you want to call them, that you could actually get to make sense if you have ancient oort shrines, something like deciding which god you want to folllow and the different ones gives different abilities, just a random thought though.

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Yeah, each of them could be a god of an aspect/philosophy of power: to build, to know, to grow or to withstand. Each of them has different skills and perks and you would be able to join and raise the rank in that faith by doing stuff in that direction: to create stuff, to explore, to farm/Herd or to fight. I just get a sparkling in my eyes :blush:

Sorry to say that but your idea is basically just an overly complicated version of the TES:Skyrim skill system.
Don´t get me wrong, I´d love to see a Skyrim like skill system in this game, so i also like the core of your idea but for a game that’s only going to be 32% RPG and not 100% (like the games you compare to) your suggestion is just way too complex.

Thats where i got the 32% from

The “respec-pool” idea is awesome (I absolutely love multiblock structures in voxel games [curious why there is no thread about those yet]) but I don’t like that you have to “swim” inside it for a few minutes for several reasons:

  • This will be abused. No matter how many mats it will take to build a “respec-pool”, bored people will build those things beneath/around afk players.
  • Swimming inside the pool to repsec might be awesome for the first time respecing but during the 4th-5th respec most players will just ALT-Tab out of the game and check facebook while they are waiting

A(n in my opinion) much better solution for this would be to add a “reskill” button to the stat window that is simply deactivated while you are outside of a respec pool.

Hi Vastar, it is indeed a very complicated system.
They will never just take this idea and put it into the game, but they could add some elements maybe. :smile:

Glad you like the respec pool idea! the way we could prevent people from griefing by placing it underneat others is by making it personal. only you can use your pool and no one else. ( or if it is inside your beacon you can add rights for it to your friends and guildies maybe)

Your idea about the respec button is awesome, did not think about that yet! that would mean that people could just make the changes they want and try it out and not lose too much for waiting too long.

Thanks for your feedback! :thumbsup:

i can see an old Silkroad Online player here xD

You’re right! still playing it :smile: