Character Racial Trait - Nightvision

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In the game, there are some zones that become so incredibly dark at night that you cant work or build without first placing an extensive amount of light. That is awesome and very realistic.
But for an added bit of fun, it would be neat to see a race that can actually see in the dark. Either they could have a minimum light level where their light never goes below a certain brightness, so even in the middle of the night it seems like mid-evening.
Or they could have something more interesting: infrared. When the light drops to a point, their vision begins to fade to red and by full night, they can see perfectly in infrared.


Yep. i think this should apply to a feline race, have been talking about how that would be awesome before. but i think it should be a skill that lasts something like 5 minutes and then have a long cooldown, ofc it depends on how strong the other perks are, but nightvision seems pretty strong to me xD

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I think any race that’s close to animals that hunt at night can potentially have this ability, feline and avian races being the first that come to mind (owls are night hunters too).

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I think racials should be unique, animals share many different things, doesnt mean that all races in this game need the same racials, that would turn quite boring dont you think :wink:

Yeah, I agree. Merely pointing out that not only feline races can get this ability.

Ah yes, apologies.

i would most likely play the cat race if they add it, also it just seems to be the first that comes to mind, hopefully they will make the racials as obvious as possible, like monkey getting climing, fish getting water breathing etc etc.

As for myself, I think I’ll stick with an avian race (owls would be extra awesome), however I might change my opinion if they’re not majestic and gorgeous :slight_smile:


If it is on a feline race, I’d rather not have it straight night-vision like in Skyrim, but so that it’s distorted, and you can only tell the shape of what is around you, not exactly what it looks like.

i think that would be a massive pain, again it should just be a skill with a long cooldown :smile:

Well, having a light night vision would be no game breaking skill compared to the suggested ones in the video of the devs some time ago (higher jump, more building efficiency, faster mining). And a cooldown may be annoying. Also, I think there will be equipment for night vision als well, so it would not be overpowered.

Sounds cool,
but ( stating an example ) you have felines,
you have traits that you were born with,
then you have subspecies with different traits and quirks of abilities,
then some with heat vision and others with night vision and others with slightly more sensitive visualization of light,
then you have traits that you can grow/improve/create/bestow/receive/attain.

There are also avian races where only certain species can see in the dark, and others can’t.
There are bats that hear with sound too, but real bats aren’t blind, so we don’t have to worry about the daytime part.

Another skill could be gliding ( avians, flying is too powerful ), climbing walls ( felines, dogs, monkeys, etc. ), transparency/camouflage ( lizards ), etc. etc.

But all the skills should have some kind of flaw.


I think this is another great suggestion for the races.

Umm… Flying is actually huge disadvantage because you can see flying targets much much more easier than ground level enemies in PvP x) So avians will be good at PvE only then :wink:

Not flying, gliding! = 3=
if they can glide and influence where they go,
maybe flap up a few times each jump,
then it would have more control, right? :3

I like the infared night vision option better than minimum light levels, because if midnight looks like mid-evening, then it’s hard for people to tell whether it’s daytime or not. the day-night cycle wouldn’t be as cool-looking or as palpable for night vision creatures.

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That is just what i came on to suggest :slight_smile: Too late… Oh well… Good idea :slight_smile:

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Someone mentioned bats… What about a racial trait that lets you “hear” any movement within a certain distance. It could be indicated by little waves of sound around the feet of anything moving. Then, even if it’s pitch black, you can see the movements of living things through tree cover, stone, etc. would have lots of cool applications!