Charcoal crafting broken [Solved]

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I tried to throw some trunks in my furnaces to make charcoal. The furnace won’t start with trunks in there. So I switched from my cook to my crafter. Still can’t start the furnace. I then switched through each character I have and none of them can start the furnace. Why can’t I make charcoal? It’s supposed to take no skills to make, yet none of my characters can make it now.


Is it a smart stack do You have more than one kind of trunk dnt knownif that makes a difference but could try to only have one kind in the furnace.


You were right. I had 1 stack of lustrous in with the twisted and didn’t realize. I should probably wake up more before I jump on the game.


Weirdest part is tho, you can’t start it with a mixed stack, but once it’s running you can throw any trunk type in there without a problem!


This is very important info